Conquest of Evil Multiverse
In the distant past the universe was given form and function by the First Ones. When their work was done, most of them departed back to the higher dimensions, checking their work as they journeyed home. And in their place they selected a number of races capable of leading the cosmos and elevated them to the level where they could take on the burden of overseeing creations.
But the Power is never dormant and as it ssurges through existence so the war between Good and Evil continues. It is a many-sided war filled with grey areas. All sides seek dominance, but in the end the most that can be hoped for is balance.
This is the story of the Maltusians, the Time Lords and the Morphin Masters and how in a period covering millions of years they rose up to take their opportunity to guide the fledging universe before moving on to other things, leaving the cosmos to fend for itself.

Updated Time Lords: Dawning of Gallifrey Updated
Rewritten: 2nd September 2021

The story the emergence of one of the most politically powerful races in the universe. This is the tale of the rise of Gallifrey.

Updated Origins: Of Knights and Dragons Updated
Rewritten: 28th September 2021

In the days between the Celestuals departing and the rise of the First Alliance, the universe is threatened by a demon named Vitara. Step forth a brave knight to vanquish the darkness. And long may his deeds be remembered.


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