Mankind was not supposed to split the atom; Minion was not supposed to split his soul. And yet it happened and everything changed.

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Blast From The Past

A new evil arrives to serve Rita and Zedd as an old friend returned to reluctantly aid the Rangers.

Dark Waters

Billy and Cestria’s happiness comes to an end when the forces of evil attack.

Dawn Of Darkness

While Sam comes to his senses Minion makes his first strike against the Rangers.

Golden Light

While the Rangers struggle to fight without their powers, an old friend might provide the solution.

Glimmer Of Hope

The Rangers must find new Zords when their problems grow larger.

Trial Of The Body

Sam and Jason need to find their powers, but is the price too high?

Dark Genes

Zordon’s attempt to make things easier for the Rangers provides Minion with some new servants.

Trial Of The Mind

Zack and Kimberly begin their quest for their new powers.

Testing Times

The Rangers try out some new Zords while Minion trains his Psycho Rangers.

Trial Of The Spirit

Billy and Trini attempt to reach Ninjor’s Temple to gain the new powers.

End Of The Trials

David and Tanya arrive on Phaedos to find their powers.

Power Rangers Gone Psycho

The Gem Coin Rangers meet Minion’s Psycho Rangers.

Temptation And Betrayal

Just where are the Gem Coin


A young boy’s life is on the line, can the Zeo Rangers save him?

Restoring the Balance

The balance of Good And Evil, Order and Chaos had been disrupted and the only thing that can save existence is the utter destruction of Minion. To do do requires a special force with special powers: The Shadow Rangers.

Final Battle

It’s an all out fight to defeat Minion and maybe save an innocent from harm.

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Interlude: Shattered Expectations.

Shredded Peace


Making of a Phantom

The Successor

Claims to Earth

Sending of Turbo

The Ninth Colour

Fatal Attraction

Enter: The Dragon Master

Children of the Dragon

Selection Process

Back in Training

Bad to the Core

Interlude: End Game

Psycho Returns: Treason

Back to Earth

Lightspeed:Tekno Power

Psycho Returns: Battle of Enormous Proportions

Psycho Returns: The Cure

Psycho Returns: Confronting the Dark Side

Psycho Returns: The Search

Psycho Returns: The Zeo Quest Part One

Psycho Returns: The Zeo Quest Part Two

Psycho Returns: The Choice of a New Generation

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 1

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 2

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 3

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 4

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 5

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 6

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 7

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 8

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 9

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 10

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 11

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 12

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 13

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 14

ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 15

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

A Taste of Things to Come

The Silver Zeo Saga

Endings and New Beginnings

United Psychos No More

In an Ideal World

Lure of Silver

Secrets Revealed

Acceptance of Destiny

The Fires of Olympus

Fires of Olympus Part 1

Fires of Olympus Part 2

Fires of Olympus Part 3

Fires of Olympus Part 4

Embers of the Flame

Cyber Wars

Cyber Wars Part 1 – Welcome to North Valley

Cyber Wars Part 2 – War on two fronts

Prelude to Minion's Legacy

King of Fighters’95

Training Days

Crossroads of Evil – Part 1

Crossroads of Evil – Part 2

The KOF Tournament as started and the forces of light and darkness are about to learn some valuable lessons.

Crossroads of Evil – Part 3

Crossroads of Evil – Part 4

Crossroads of Evil – Part 5

Crossroads of Evil – Part 6

Crossroads of Evil – Part 7

The Liberation of Aquitar

Mission Accepted


High Treason

Failure or Regroup

Live by the Sword…

… Die by the Sword

Killing Blows

Mission Complete


The Ravalox Chamber

Trials and Wars

Interlude: Temporum Mortis

Interlude: Tomorrow’s World

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction
Time Jacked

Alex Drake made himself an emperor. He was defeated, but there are some that believe he had the right ideas, but the wrong approach. And so they set out to change things to how they should be.

To Build A Better Emperor

The search is on to replace a fallen leader with something more suitable.


When individual efforts fail, maybe uniting their efforts can succeed.

Not One Word

An offer that is too good to be true. Who would accept it, who would refuse it… who even has the right to decide?

Time Will Tell

A way to stop the Time Jackers comes at a high price.

Lost Galaxy

The First Step of the Journey

Minion's Legacy

Primal Conflict

Shifts in Reality

Deceptions and Capture

The Abhorrence of a Vacuum

Atrocities in the Name of Evil

Selection of a Lunar Wolf


The Lost Kingdom


The Final Conflict

In Space: The Lone Ranger

In Space: Unique Meetings

In Space: Rebirth of the Astros

In Space: Arrival

In Space: The Journey

In Space: Pasts and Futures


History Revisited

The more times you study something, the more you discover. History is very much the same.

The Tide Turns

The Power Rangers hunted down the UAE, but failed to eradicate the evil they represented. Now that dark power is on a surge towards Earth for a new confrontation.

Round Trip

When last seen Minion had decided to follow his ‘other self’ back to the Prime Reality. But did he really fall for the Valeyard’s silver tongue? Was he really prepared to leave the universe to a mere Psycho Ranger?

Rebuilding the Lost Light

The Universe suffered during thewar between Good and Evil. Good won, but at a cost. Now as the days pass there is the difficult task of rebuilding and preparing for whatever might come next.

The Countdown to Disaster

An off-the-books experiment by an unregulated part of the Ranitime Corporation locates an incredible manifestation of power. Unfortunately it comes with its discovery also causes a breach in the dimensional walls, allowing a familliar foe to return.

Forgiveness and Redemption

Trini died a traitor. But death does not end the journey of a Power Ranger and with a cleared mind and soul, comes the opportunity to fight for a second chance. Or at the very least a reduced sentence.


The list of active teams heading into the final story arc.

For a long time the Well of Darkness was suppressed by the power of the Matrix of Spirit. But then the heroes of Earth gave the matrix away and in doind so sacrificed its protection. And now the Well of Darkness has found an avatar worthy of its power. And without the Matrix of Spirit, he might just succeed.

The Final Words

The battle between Minion and the Power Rangers ended. The results were noted and the conclusion reached. This reality has fulfilled its purpose: to test the possibility that Minion could have triumphed if events had played out differently. So what happens next? The Inevitable…

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