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The story that started it all. This is the original version of the story that became Minion of Darkness (although Minion did appear in an earlier spinoff series based on Ellen Brand’s Personality Conflicts). If you have already read the Minion Sage in COE: Reckoning, most of this will be the same. It was only the ending that change in COE: Reckoning, and a few names. This is an AU series of Conquest of Evil. It is unreleated to Minion of Darkness, Conquest of Evil or any other series.

Blast From the Past

As a new evil is set free an old friend returns.

Dark Waters

Billy and Cestria’s happiness comes to an end when the forces of evil attack.

Dawn of Darkness

While Sam comes to his senses Minion makes his first strike against the Rangers.

Golden Light

While the Rangers struggle to fight without their powers, an old friend might provide the solution.

Glimmer of Hope

The Rangers must find new Zords when their problems grow larger.

Trial of the Body

Sam and Jason need to find their powers, but is the cost too high?

Dark Genes

Zordon’s attempt to make things easier for the Rangers provides Minion with some new servants.

Trial of the Mind

Zack and Kimberly begin their quest for their new powers.

Testing Times

The Rangers try out some new Zords while Minion trains his Psycho Rangers.

Trials of the Spirit

Billy and Trini attempt to reach Ninjor’s Temple to gain the new powers.

End of the Trials

David and Tanya arrive on Phaedos to find their powers.

Power Rangers Gone Psycho

The Gem Coin Rangers meet Minion’s Psycho Rangers.

Temptation and Betrayal

Just where are the Gem Coin


A young boy’s life is on the line, can the Zeo

Restoring the Balance

The balance of Good And Evil, Order and Chaos had been disrupted and the only thing that can save existence is the utter destruction of Minion. To do do requires a special force with special powers: The Shadow Rangers.

Final Battle

The Rangers and Shadow Mages team up in a final battle against Minion and maybe save Justin


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