The Dimming Light

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Author’s note: These events occur as the same time as the events in the previous chapter.

The Dimming Light

The Book of the Unknown held many secrets and Dimitria considered herself cursed that while she knew much of what the books foretold, she could never use that knowledge to warn others unless the Book allowed it. The events that were to come could not be avoided. They were alas set in stone. The only question lay in which side would ultimately benefit. For the Xenotome told only of the journey and not the destination. And sadly she noted that a time when he was needed more than ever, Jeff Kincaid would not be there to play a role.

But the Xenotome also spoke of another player. Reluctant and unwilling to choose a side, he would curb the excesses of both factions, protecting life above all else. But it seemed the book was slightly confused because the time when he would make his appearance seemed to change every time she looked.


When the first ships had been reported above an unimportant planet only a few light years from Eltare, the
Grid Masters had known that it was not a simple raid. As more ships continued to arrive it became clear that this new force was seeking to surround the planet, cutting them off from the neighbouring allies. When they received word that similar vessels had appeared at other seemingly random planets, they had known that the danger they sensed was real. For weeks the
Grid Masters had been receiving visions of a new evil that threatened to sweep them aside. A hidden danger, a Dark Specter that could wipe them all out, one that would steadily circle its target until it was ready, and then it would strike a swift and fatal blow. And somehow in their dreams they knew that there was only one hope for their survival – for they were convinced that the final battle would be fought on the planet Earth.

They had been so concerned that they had sent a message to the Council, explaining their findings. The Council had responded that they were mistaken, refusing to change its stance on Earth. In doing so they ignored a powerful ally that could have saved many from an undeserved fate and practically handed victory to the dark forces that waited to strike.

Springwood, Ohio

Serpenterra continued on its path of destruction, unhindered by the machine’s high fuel consumption, which had been corrected thanks to the Zeo Crystal’s near infinite supply of energy. Even with its plasma cannon repeatedly firing the fuel cells didn’t show signs of diminishing. Of course the shots were not the high yield planet crushing blasts that it had used before. For some reason Minion found it more pleasurable to take lives in small doses rather than kill all life at once.

Below was a small town. It managed a few select stores, a public bar, elementary school and its own small television station. The major employer in the area was the nuclear power plant, the most notorious plant in the country since its millionaire owner was a miser who was more than happy to ignore as many safety rules as possible. The mayor was a corrupt womaniser who spent much of his fortune paying the town’s papers not to cover his indiscretions and the police department to deal with those that weren’t sensible enough to accept bribery.

The town was not known for its citizens’ calmed reasoned thinking at the best of times; today there was absolute panic. The people had realised that the monster above them could not be stopped and there even the old fallout shelters built in case of nuclear war, would not shield them. And so they huddled together under the statue of their town’s founder, hoping that something would save them.

Serpenterra hovered over the town, waiting as the sense of panic reached a peak. Then the energy flowed into its weapon systems. A glow formed in the mouth and with sudden ferocity, a plasma blast ripped into the ground. The roads boiled as the houses were vaporised. The people tried to cry out in pain, but their voices were already lost as the sound of the explosion echoed into the neighbouring town.

And on board the ship, Minion laughed as he adjusted his course to take him to Washington DC via a few other small towns as the remains of Springwood settled into a scorched pit, the anguish of those that had died there trapped within the tainted ground.

Springwood had never recovered from the decimation Minion had inflicted upon it. Like the other towns he had callously destroyed, it had not been restored when the Rangers had restored their reality. Perhaps because its destruction had been so complete that no amount of magic could reverse it. The ground had smoked for months following the incident leading authorities to check that there wasn’t something beneath the ground that was burning. Eventually though the smoke had cleared and the area had been fenced off while those in power discussed what should be done.

High fences topped by razor wire had not stopped some from entering the area it seemed. Two figures walked across the scarred ground, delighting in the pain and suffering they could feel around them. They were Orgs, demonic spirits formed from the despair greed and suffering of humans. To them this tainted wound in the surface of the planet was everything they desired. For it seemed that while the humans had been correct that the area beneath the earth had not been set alight, they had failed to understand what a festering sore this former town had become. Unknowingly Minion’s actions had created a nexus point where Orgs and other things could feed and grow stronger. If a being capable of seeing such things had looked they would have seen that Springwood was the epicentre of destruction with jagged tendrils of magically tainted ground spreading like a patchwork of cracks in all directions. It was a tainted Ley Line.

“Do you feel it?” the female asked, her horn glowing from the magical energy.

“Yes,” Jindrax agreed. His companion was far more capable at sensing spiritual beings even when they were not strictly Orgs, but with such a high concentration of spiritual energy even he could sense it. “But why haven’t they emerged?”

Org spirits were just that: spirits. In order to affect the world around them they had to first emerge and take on a physical form using whatever materials were to hand. That it seemed would be a problem in a place that lacked the raw materials for them to inhabit.

“They’re not Orgs,” she answered. “They’re just evil spirits created from this place.” Then she smiled as she reached into her gown and pulled out a handful of seeds. “no matter, that can be corrected.”

The seeds seeped into the ground the more they touched, providing the spirits that lived there a slight grip on the world around them. The two Duke Orgs watched as the seeds started to grow, forming monstrous vines that carried dripping fruit composed of wicked energy. The fruit ripened swiftly and sickly black flowers appeared shooting spore like pollens into the air that were carried by the suddenly fierce winds. And then the fruits withered, rotting into the ground and polluting it further as new vines emerged. And as they did so the spirits that inhabited the ruined ground started to seek out the small pieces that remained of the former town; any fragment no matter the size would do for the mutant spirits – for despite their hopes it was clear to the sinister duo that these were not true Orgs. Perhaps though they were an indication that the real Orgs would one day return.

Finster walked around the finished creation and nodded his approval. It had taken much much longer than his usual works, but this was a full-size sculpture and the details had been vital.

“Almost finished,” he sighed.

Most of the monsters he shaped would be considered complete by this point, but that was because they were normally created from an image with a clear understanding of their identity channelled through their creation. This was not a mere monster, it was the host body for a powerful demon.

“It’s ready, Rita,” Finster announced as he checked his measurements.

As a craftsman Finster rarely had the opportunity to truly show his skills. The monsters he created for Rita were copies of previous creations and while he took pride in his work, even he admitted they were often rushed and made from inferior materials. This time he has been allowed to use a sample of the most potent magical clay from Gamma Vile’s deepest clay pits. And he had used that clay and his skills to painstakingly craft his empress her greatest desire.

Usually such a creation would be placed inside a machine to infuse it with a portion of Rita’s magic. This time though Rita had an ulterior plan in mind. As he had been crafting, the witch had been chanting, calling upon the aid of the Ghost of Darkness to assist her.

If Rita had heard Finster, she gave no indication. Her voice continued to drone in the ancient language, switching dialects occasionally to provide focus. As she continued the spell shifted from a request to help to a ritual used to summon a demon. Her voice grew louder as she pointed toward the clay statue and then she laughed, sensing that her plan had succeeded.

Everything around him was dark, not a sound to be heard within the deepest corners of Larry Zedden’s mind. There the demon known as Lord Zedd lurked, trapped inside the Zarakin and unable to break free. Bound be the love and honour of a man he had possessed for thousands of years, he was helpless.

But recently his description of his prison had become less accurate. There was darkness, utter darkness, but every now and then there was a tiny flicker of light. He had studied the disturbance, located it, watched it until he could predict the next time it would appear. And then he had used it as a tiny flaw in his cell that he could weaken further.

It didn’t take much of a breach for Lord Zedd to break free; in his current state he was as fluid as thought. He escaped his cell in the back of Larry’s mind, knowing that unless the Zarakin removed the barriers he had placed there, the prince would never know he had escaped.

Once free the question arose of what to do next? Possessing Larry Zedden again was not possible. The rituals that had once perverted the Zarakin were gone and Zedd did not have the power in his current form to create more. That meant a less stable possession where he would be vulnerable to positive emotions.

Then he felt something pulling upon his magic. He recognised the feeling of somebody trying to summon him; the summons was not aimed at Zedd, but for any demon willing to bond with the caller. And in that moment Zedd saw his opportunity. A willing body would not fight back until it was too late. He allowed himself to answer the summons.

The statue of Lord Zedd glowed with power as Rita directed the spirit of her recently released husband into his new shell. It was not perfect and would need replacing before too long, but in the meantime… Lord Zedd was back!

The Xenotome told many things and what she read filled Dimitria with sadness. On Earth she knew this time of year was considered a time of peace. In truth this year had anything but and the future would only grow darker. But all was not lost year. The Book of the Unknown did not state how the year would end, she hoped that meant there was a chance that it would be a happy ending. Deep down inside, she doubted it.

And the year to come promised to be a year of loss and of sorrow. There would be betrayal and difficult decisions to make. The Darkness would sweep through the universe and although the light would shine brighter than ever, it would not last long once the light had been extinguished.

End of Part

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Darkness on the Horizon

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or any other shows. They and all other material used in this story belong to their respective copyright owners.

Author’s Note: This story takes place a few weeks after the previous story.

Darkness on the Horizon

Little more than a month the messenger had granted them before a compulsory meeting of the United Alliance of Evil, which they had all been told that they had joined. Just thirty days, after which their acts as individual villains would likely end at the command of their new Grand Monarch. And while their territory would remain, their chances to extend their empires would be curtailed.

Six weeks at most left in which to play for the greatest prize in the Universe: Earth; a hideously short time to overcome its defenders and secure the power that would guarantee their survival in the dirtier side of Alliance politics. And as they absorbed the meaning of the message, assorted villains representing the Machine Empire, the House of Vile, Xett and Repugna, the Dianthe Clan and a few that had been conducting their own wars without attracting as much attention, swore as they realised that half a day had already passed.

They had collectively ignored the first message, dismissing the woman that had delivered it as some insane witch without the power to back up her threats. That line of thinking had rapidly changed when the Messengers of Fire had started arriving. Their exact nature was unclear, but they had affected those that relied on pure technology and those that dabbled in magic alike. Fires had ravaged one of Master Vile’s spawn worlds, incinerated a vast section of the Dianthe fleet and had turned one of King Mondo’s space bases into a floating pool of molten metal, which had taken hours to cool despite being in space.

After that demonstration, the Messengers had restated the ultimatum, allowing the villains a slight grace period that had passed between the first summons and their attack. Now there was not a single villain that didn’t realise that their time was running out. When the United Alliance of Evil met, new rules would be established and any claims to the Earth would likely be dismissed; it was highly likely that the Grand Monarch would declare the planet as his, ending all the previous squabbles.

But there was hope. Capturing the planet before the meeting would give them a bargaining chip with which to demand a greater share of the prize – for even possessing control of the Earth would not be enough to overpower a villain with such powerful servants.

And so their efforts intensified, their plans reaching new and more ambitious heights in their desperate bid to claim the prize. Rita delved into the darkest arts at her disposal, Mondo and Gasket began construction of their most diabolical machines, Dregon shifted through his collection to find the most powerful Insectivores he possessed while Divatox had Porto, Rygog and Elgar searching for a warrior capable of defeating the Power Rangers while she called every vessel in the Dianthe fleet to her aid. And away from all the madness and rush, Master Vile smiled evilly as he concocted his own plan, one which would give him the means to meet the Grand Monarch as an equal and perhaps give him a chance to grab the Earth for himself.

So many villains, so much ambition and so little time. So much to lose, but so much more to gain. And in the middle of this race for power stood the little planet known as Earth. Looked down on by galactic society, feared for the violent nature of its people and the way they had managed to see off so many threats where more advanced and powerful worlds had fallen.

Forces of darkness competing for possession of a world with no regard for the people that lived there. And regardless of who won for the human race and especially the Power Rangers, this promised to be a countdown to destruction.

End of Part.

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Xanta Claws is Coming to Town

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.

Xanta Claws is Coming to Town

23 December

The Christmas holidays were almost upon them and the people of Angel Grove were enjoying the brief reprieve from monster attacks that usually occurred around that time of year. Zordon had once explained that the period channelled the positive emotions of the human race and combined it with the abnormally high output from the planet’s natural magic to make the Christmas uninviting for most villains. And those that did attack during the period had a habit of finding themselves whisked into bizarre dimensions where their actions ended up having little effect.

That was why when Rita decided to launch an attack, the Rangers were unprepared. More so because she had not sent her forces to Angel Grove Park where the Christmas Carol Service was taking place. Over the years the Rangers had gotten to know where various villains liked to strike and had even gotten to the point where they could work out the abilities of whatever monster was sent down based on their location. However there had been very few attacks on the Rangers’ homes and fewer still on those that were not a part of the currently active team, namely the Turbo Rangers. So when Rita’s Putties had shown up out side the Zedden Residence, home of Jamie Zedden the Purple Zeo Ranger and her father, Larry Zedden better known to the people of Earth as Lord Zedd.

However if they had expected an easy target, the attackers were in for a big disappointment. For Larry Zedden was in fact an alien prince who had long ago been placed under the control of an evil being. Months earlier he had vanquished that evil and trapped it permanently within his mind, satisfied that should he died, Zedd’s evil would be eradicated. More importantly though Larry was the master of the fabled Sword of Fire, one of the Elemental Blades forged by his people long ago. And his daughter, who was the chosen avatar of the Sword of Lightning, had proven to be a capable student in swordsmanship.

And so it was that on the lawn of the Zedden property, Larry and Jamie proceeded to slice limbs off the intruders. Combining the razor sharp edges of their swords with the power to channel fire and lightning, they made quick work of any Putties that were brave enough to remain. However even as Larry decapitated the last Putty with his flaming sword, he had to wonder what Rita was up to? Even he knew that the witch rarely attacked just for the sake of it.

“Maybe she’s angry we left her off the Christmas card list,” Jamie suggested as she called down a bolt of lightning that sent the remaining Putties leaping into the air.

“Ho Ho Ho!”

Father and daughter exchanged an uneasy look. “Uh oh!”

They turned around to find themselves facing Rita’s attempt at a monster. Xanta Claws was the name Rita had given it and for good reason. While its head resembled a rabid reindeer, the rest of it was a clear parody of Santa Claus, complete with a belly that wobbled as he laughed evilly. His fingers ended in a set of sharp claws.

“You’ve been very naughty!” Xanta told them before swinging his massive sack and sending both Zeddens crashing to the ground.

“I thought we agreed no tacky ornaments,” Jamie grumbled.

Xanta just laughed, causing his belly to shake and the ground to tremble as the two Zeddens fought to get back to their feet.

“Why don’t we see what Xanta has in his magic sack?” the monster asked, before opening the bag. A massive spray of snow erupted from opening, covering the entire street with snow. “And now you can meet my friends the snowmen!”

Six wicked looking snowmen formed out of the snow, their mouths cut into sinister smiles. One of them had metal spikes emerging from its body and a pair of tree trunk legs.

With a sigh the father and daughter team threw themselves into battle, Larry charging Xanta Claws while Jamie handled his snowman servants. Xanta responded by drawing a weapon of his own, a four edged blade coloured like a Christmas tree. A spear would have been a better word for the weapon, which seemed to enlarge and shrink at Xanta’s whim, allowing him to keep Larry at a distance.

Meanwhile Jamie was finding that the snowmen were a lot more difficult than she had thought. For one thing they had the ability to explode into a shower of snow and reform in a different location, meaning that even when she could land a blow, it barely phased them. And as she fought she noticed the temperature was dropping, making her reactions slower while the snowmen seemed unaffected. When they started throwing exploding carrots at her though, Jamie had had enough.

“Wait a minute, you’re made of snow, how can you survive exploding carrots?” she demanded. There was an awkward pause as the snowmen seemed to consider her words before attacking again. Clearly using logic against Rita’s monsters wouldn’t work. “Fine. Dad is that spell still in place?”

When he had moved back with his wife and daughter, Larry had erected a spell around their property. Although it was low powered it prevented those that did not know about their activities from seeing what they were up to. It proved especially useful when they were sparring or Jamie was called to action.

“Of course,” Larry answered.

That was all Jamie needed to hear.

“Zeo Purple Power!” Jamie called. “Power of the Blade!”

Once inside the protective uniform of the Purple Zeo Ranger, Jamie found the cold no longer affected her. And with the increased strength and speed, she had the snowmen scattering.

“Zeo Pistol!” she called, drawing her side arm. But instead of aiming fro the snowmen, she unleashed a burst of low energy fire at the surrounding snow, putting an end to their ability to hit and run. Then as she blasted each snowman in turn, they were reduced to puddles of water, leaving only their spiky leader.

And so the fight was on as Purple Zeo and the Snow Monster clashed. The snowman was powerful and his spikes while unable to pierce her uniform, made it difficult to land a blow. Eventually though Jamie drove the Sword of Lightning into the snowman, unleashing a bolt of lightning that evaporated it as she turned her attention to where her father was still fighting Xanta Claws.

Larry was hurt. It was only a small wound but he had seen the look on the monster’s face as it had pierced his skin. And it worried him. After that Xanta Claws had seemed less aggressive, almost as if he were trying to avoid fighting. But Larry knew better and sure enough the monster suddenly found a second wind and renewed its assault. He had replaced his spear with a candy cane sword and was proving that he was a nimble swordsman despite his size.

However when Purple Zeo joined the battle, it was clear that Xanta’s time was limited. The Sword of Lightning and Sword of Fire when used together were capable of cutting through his weapons and the monster soon found himself soundly defeated.

“Fire Wave!”

With a final burst of flame, Larry sliced through the fake Santa Claus, putting an end to the monster.

“So,” Jamie asked as she powered down and helped her father to tend his wound. “What do you think that was about?”

As she watched her monster explode, Rita wished that she had sent it to Angel Grove Park. However she quickly dismissed such thoughts as she looked at the vial in her hand. The rejuvenation fluid of Lord Zedd had proven extremely destructive during her tests. None of the monsters Finster had created had survived the initial contact. And from what she had been told it was lethal to humans. So when she had seen Xanta Claws cut Larry Zedden’s skin with his poison laced claws, she had wished that it had been his daughter that had been on the receiving end. For Jamie Zedd would not have had Larry Zedden’s immunity and would have succumbed to the poison in a matter of hours. Larry would not escape the effects of the rejuvenation fluid either. It was just that she expected the results to be a little more interesting where he was concerned and a lot more painful.

Through the Repulsascope she watched as the citizens of Angel Grove enjoyed each other’s company, singing carols, seemingly without a care. They could have their season of good will, she was aware that any attempts to launch an attack would fail and that the likely magical backlash would leave her weakened for months.

“Enjoy yourselves while you can you little pests,” she said as she was inspired to hold a party of her own. “I will be back and this world will belong to me!”

End of Part

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The Empty Victory

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.

Author’s Note: Okay folks, this story is basically the closure of a plot point started in Princely Scheming. There is very little story here since it covers the event as a whole and not the story behind it. That will follow at a later date.

The Empty Victory

14th December

It was a day of tragedy for the Royal House of Gadgetry. Princes Sprocket, the heir to the Machine King, had been destroyed. It had been a glorious battle, one that had seen the near destruction of the Power Rangers’ Zords as the prince had used his new body to wreck havoc within the city of Angel Grove. It had been luck that had allowed the Rangers to unlock the powerful combinations that had led to Sprocket’s defeat. However his demise had not been confirmed until Mondo had received word from the Machine Home World. It appeared that during a recent onslaught by Behemoth, a creation of Divatox, the backup unit responsible for retaining Sproket’s personality in case of damage, had been destroyed. Without a suitable backup, Sprocket’s program was deemed lost and so the Machine Empire was left without an heir.

Not that the machines were overly upset. King Mondo and Queen Machina had emotional dampeners that allowed them to emulate real emotions, but prevented them from succumbing to grief. They simply accepted the loss and vowed vengeance against the wretched humans. They also took solace in in the knowledge that their son had caused more damaged to the Rangers’ prized Zord fleet than any previous villain. The sight of the Zeo Megazord’s head crashing to the ground would be something they would long remember.

And while his parents were upset, Prince Gasket was unbelievably happy at the recent turn of events. With his brother removed he was once again the rightful heir to the Machine Empire, a position that allowed him to start actively planning for the removal of his father. It had been an expensive way of bringing himself closer to the throne though, the body he had stolen from the Machine Home World to house Sprocket had been an incredible piece of workmanship and its loss would be felt. On the other hand he had made plenty of notes regarding the machine that would allow him to make sure the next model would be unbeatable.

Zordon sighed as he looked over the work order for the next few days. With so many Zords damaged they needed to prioritise the repairs. The Turbo Zords were of course the highest priority. Given their state he was just grateful that the Turbo Rangers had not been killed outright during the battle. That it had been functional enough to delivering the Spin Out and end Sprocket’s rampage was frankly a miracle, something that was highlighted when the Zord had almost collapsed seconds later.

Then it was a matter of restoring the Zords needed to form Megazords. The secondary Zords could wait, but the priority had to be to get as many of their larger machine operational as possible. The repairs to Tommy’s Phoenix Zord would take weeks to full complete given that Sprocket had almost managed to slice it in half.

After that there were the Dino Zords, the Thunder Zords, two of the Shogun Zords and Titanus in various states of disrepair. In the case of Titanus the Rangers would likely need to recover his head before the massive Zord would ever function again.

But there had been some good news. The battle had brought the Rangers together in ways he had never imagined. The cooperation between the teams that had attacked Sprocket from the inside and those that had fought in the Zords had been amazing. The Morphin Rangers had shown why they were looked up to by the younger team and the Turbo Rangers had once again proven themselves up to the challenge. That there had not been a single fatality in Angel Grove had been due to the actions of their allies from Mariner Bay. When he was finished with the Zord repairs Zordon decided he would send the Lightspeed Rangers a special thank you gift.

And through it all Zordon could not shake the feeling that he was missing something. The resources needed to manufacture a monster on the scale Mondo had unleashed were incredible. And even though he could see Mondo calculating the cost as necessary in the event of a victory, he refused to believe the Machine King would have considered Sprocket’s chances as being worth the effort. Which raised the question why he had backed such a costly scheme?

And Mondo was not the only one that seemed to be pouring more effort than usual into his schemes. Both Rita and Divatox had been growing more ambitious, more personal and more vicious in their attacks. The violence seemed to be escalating and Zordon was uncertain of the reason why. That combined with recent murmurings within the Council led Zordon to wonder if perhaps the rumours were true and a new villain was on the rise.

~But for such a being to intimidate Mondo he must be incredibly powerful,~ he thought.

It made him uneasy. In truth he had felt a little fearful of the future since he had regained his body. Nothing ever happened without a reason and Zordon somehow doubted that the Great Power had released him solely to defeat a single villain. There were greater forces at work and when the time came, Zordon was not certain he’d survive.

Far from Zordon and his ponderings, on the Dark Side of the Moon, lay the Machine Scrap Heap. This was the place where the remains of Mondo’s monsters were sent to rust away. This was the place where the scrapped body of Prince Sprocket had been left to corrode into nothingness. It was a place of peace and quiet away from the demands of the Machine King and his campaign.

And within that place a light flickered in the darkness. For Prince Sprocket had survived. His body had been broken and his electronic brain had been fused, but a part of him still recalled his name and his mission to destroy the Power Rangers. That same mind detected that he was not alone.

“It has been a long time, little brother,” Prince Grommet announced as he made his way towards the young prince’s rusting carcass. “Father has abandoned you just as he abandoned me; just as he left all that reside in this place to rust. But we are not lost Sprocket, soon we will show Father just how useful we can be. And you brother shall lead the way.”

As Grommet finished talking Sprocket became aware that something was moving. The scrap yard was alive and at Grommet’s command, it started to rebuild him.

Sprocket had lost, but with Grommet’s help he would return. That loss had only served to make him more determined to triumph. Zordon and the Rangers had won but the cost had been high. And Gasket… well Gasket believed that he had won, but that victory would come back to haunt him. For Sprocket was well aware that his brother had betrayed him and even as his body was being rebuilt, he promised that Gasket would pay dearly. It was no doubt Gasket’s greatest moment, but it would turn out to be an empty victory.

End of Part

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Space: The Journey Resumes

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.

Author’s Note: Okay folks, this story is basically the closure of a plot point started in A Tale of Unfortunate Events. There is very little story here since it covers the event as a whole and not the story behind it. That will follow at a later date.

The Journey Resumes

18th December

“Life support has been fully restored,” a voice announced over the vessel’s internal communication system.

It had taken a while to secure the large vessel after the pirates had been removed. Their attempts had been severely hampered by whatever security force had been left on board. Half of the prisoners had been convinced that they were dealing with a zombie infestation before Visceron had discovered that the strange suits were being operated remotely by the vessel’s security computer. After that it had been a matter of breaching the ship’s inner security, forcing their way passed hundreds of deadly mechanised warriors to finally shutdown the computer core.

At which point all the ship’s systems had crashed. Lighting, heating, all the basics of life support had failed. The propulsion and navigation systems had locked them onto a course they couldn’t identify. And when it became clear that the shielding that had previously prevented large sections of the vessel from blowing out into space, had also failed, those on board had wanted nothing more than to flee.

Fortunately there had been those on board that were capable of taking command. And under their guidance, repairs to the damaged systems had started. While large areas were still uninhabitable, they had managed to create a habitat where the new crew could survive. And in the weeks that had followed they had managed to restore some of the most important systems. There was still much left to do before the vessel would ever be considered capable of moving.

The restoration of life support throughout the most vital areas of the ship heralded a big step forward. Being able to move safely from section to section meant they could commence repairs, tacking the worn out frame enough that it would survive being moved. With access to engineering they had been able to start the process of restarting the ship’s massive engines. Just one working engine proved sufficient to get their trip underway, but with the modifications the pirates had made, systems that should have been restored automatically had required manual intervention.

With the hangar bay finally unlocked it was possible for the unlikely allies to go their separate ways.

The Phantom Ranger was the self-appointed enemy of the Dianthe Clan and dedicated to their eradication. Although still injured he was determined to resume his quest to put an end to the pirates as soon as possible. Andros however was more interested in seeking out the truth about KO-35. While he suspected their missions would overlap, it was clear their priorities were not the same. And Visceron had also chosen to go his own way. Not that Andros could blame him. Visceron’s strength was as a spy, uncovering useful information. It had been agreed that he would resume his information gathering and would work on establishing a network of informants to keep Andros and his allies advised. That such a plan would keep him undercover and away from the Dianthe, was an added advantage.

And then the agreements had been reached. The Red Astro Guardian would after following up on one last lead, take the data the various parties had assembled and would hand it over to Zordon. Meanwhile the Phantom Ranger would resume his previous mission, and perhaps investigate the links between the new Grand Monarch and the Dianthe. The released prisoners would remain on board the giant warship they had renamed Galaxy Megaship. Under the guidance of Kimwon, a survivor of the Battle of Kerova and a man with experience of building and commanding large vessels. They would repair the ship and promised that if any of their friends called for assistance they would do everything in their power to provide aid.

When the new crew of the Galaxy Megaship had shut down the mainframe, they had not wanted to take the chance of somebody accidentally turning it back on. The computer core along with its security force had been unceremoniously deposited on a barren world.

But the world was not abandoned. Long ago it had been a world of weapon manufacturers and violent reptilian warriors. In their haste to make more and more deadly weapons, they had succeeded in trapping their world within a time bubble. To outsiders the planet appeared devoid of life while on the surface the population continued their mad drive to build ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

And so when the computer core had been dumped on their world, the inhabitants had been quick to examine it and its robotic warriors. They had overlooked the insanity of the computer core as they had sought to rebuild an army of deadly robotic warriors. They succeeded, but their repairs were too thorough. Within hours of activation, the machines started to wipe out their creators while promising revenge on the humans that had stolen their ship.

“Are you sure?” Kimwon asked again as he studied the Astro Morphers that Andros had presented him. Without the a suitable source of power they were useless, but it the crew could restore the engines and install suitable relay systems they could use the devices.

Andros couldn’t blame the man for being uncertain, a wiser move would have been to keep all the Astro Morphers on board the Megaship. He had actually kept some back in addition to those he had locked in the Astro Megaship’s vault. They would serve as a tribute to his fallen comrades, but he didn’t need all of them and Kimwon and his crew needed a way to protect themselves from attack.

“You need every advantage you can get,” he replied.

Kimwon nodded and thanked the Red Astro Guardian. Returning the gesture Andros returned to the Astro Megaship and departed.

As the Astro Megaship sped through the darkness of space, Andros pondered his final discussion with the Phantom Ranger. The revelations about the Grand Monarch had been enlightening, but it had been truth about his servants that had shocked Andros.

“She’s alive,” he whispered still not believing it.

Discovering that there were survivors of KO-35 had been a shock, but to find out that his sister was still alive had been too much. Why was she alive? What had they done to her? Would he ever see her again? Too many questions were flooding through his mind.

“I will find you Karone, I promise. And then I will find out who took you and I will make them pay.”

End of Part

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