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Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

Enter The New Gods

The Universe
Sometime between the Second and Third Age

The Avatars of Good and Evil had been physically removed from the universe. Darke, the Avatar of Evil and Darkness had been trapped inside a dimensional prison outside of the universe where he would be bound forever. Meanwhile Light, the Avatar of Good, had sacrificed his physical form to spread his essence throughout the newly forming cosmos. Although neither had been destroyed, they were no longer capable of directly involving themselves in the affairs of the universe.

Protos, the leader of the Paladins of Light had fallen after the end of the battle and was at peace. Mortilus, the traitor who had been responsible for the destruction of the Paladins had been left shattered and paralysed in his physical shell. He would live out existence knowing only pain.

Of the three avatars created by The One, only the Avatar of Shadow remained. Peace reigned, balance had been achieved and tensions grew by the moment. For the disappearance of Light, Darke, Protos and Mortilus had completely upset the natural hierarchy of the universe. Suddenly there was not only a void in the leadership of both sides, but of the cosmos as a whole. Leadership was needed for the universe to survive, and the steps taken to provide that new leadership risked plunging everything into the darkness it had only recently escaped.

The Celestials had been created as servants to complete the task of building the newly forming existence and filling it with life. Light, Darke and Shadow regarded themselves more as the children of The One, but to others they were simply servants with a high opinion of themselves. True they served a different purpose than those that had come before, but they had still been physical manifestations created to allow The One to resolve some problem or other.

While Light and Darke had led their little armies, the Celestials had carried on with their task, creating worlds throughout the many dimensional planes and seeding them with life. As they worked their way down through the dimensions and further away from The One, the worlds they created grew less impressive and the life forms that evolved upon them held less potential.

Each dimensional plane had different physical laws and this along with the lack of creativity by the Celestials limited the growth of some beings. Some made great progress while others never seemed to evolve beyond simple albeit powerful beasts.

As they reached the point at which they planned to turn back and inspect the progress of their creations, the Celestials shaped the last few planes of existence. Here they created a realm with rules and physics that allowed its people to grow and evolve without limitation. It was a place where the energies emitted by The One barely reached, where the majority of its population would have a limited life span. It was the realm of mortals.

As they finished seeding the worlds that would serve as homes for the universe’s lowest denizens, the Celestials allowed themselves to indulge their curiosity for once, sending froth a wave of energy that would allow some of those it encountered to become more than they were. Some would be able to ascend beyond the limitations to occupy the higher dimensions where the environment would make them more than simple mortals. But that would not occur for a long time.

With Light and Darke no longer physically residing in the universe, Shadow was left as the sole avatar of The One. With Darke and Light’s departure, Shadow had discovered that he could create avatars of his own, allowing him to rebalance the cosmos.

Those he created were born to continue the previous battles, which Shadow had realised were a necessary part of the universe. When at peace for too long the universe stagnated and shrank, while the struggle between the opposing forces kept the universe growing. Those he created were released into the cosmos and allowed to fall through the dimensions from the highest planes close to where The One and those he had created had stood, down to those that the Celestials had created resided; those that had been birthed during the war but had not been a part of either the Army of Light or the Forces of Darke.

They became the beings that would one day be regarded as the gods of the newly formed reality. They were divided between the good, the evil, the chaotic, the lawful, the creators and the destroyers, and those that represented various states of balance and neutrality. Groups formed among the many dimensions, creating the cosmic pantheons that would be worshipped by the lesser beings. Some chose forms that the mind could comprehend while others chose to resemble beasts.

Some of those gods tried to keep others from their domain. They erected boundaries to the planes and realms they occupied in the belief that the conflict would then be something they could escape when they wanted to. But such efforts only led to divisions within the pantheons as their memberships divided along the old lines of light and dark. It seemed that while balance and neutrality were acceptable, existence had no tolerance for peace.

The Cosmic Gods soon grew weary of the constant fighting between good and evil. Being formed from Shadow’s essence they did not have the strict black-and-white view that their predecessors held. Even the most noble of their kind was flawed in some way and even the most wicked possessed a small redeeming feature. One thing they did enjoy was playing with the new races that had started to worship them. The Mortal Realms were filled with those they could influence and torment without fear of reprisals. They allowed the flawed little people to battle on their behalf, often throwing obstacles in their path for fun.

But while they amused themselves by believing that they controlled the events in the Mortal Realm, they failed to understand how they had been rendered unimportant by the weaker but by no means inferior creatures.

While the newly created cosmic gods were settling into their new existence, the former followers of Light and Darke were coming to terms with their own circumstances. The golden wave had caused a cease fire as both sides had lost their figureheads, their generals and a large number of their forces. The golden wave had obliterated large numbers of Darke’s soldiers and trapped those fortunate enough to survive in empty or inhospitable realms. Those realms had been sealed to prevent escape, effectively separating the two sides.

The last of Darke's army, made up of the twisted races, malignant spirits and astral parasites longed to fight on and take revenge for their defeat. But first they needed to break free of their prisons.

Despite being little more than puppets while Darke had been in command, some of his creations had gained freedom to act on their own in his absence. They believed themselves to be his rightful successors and vaguely aware of what had transpired in the universe beyond their prisons, started to call themselves Dark Gods. The survivors of Mortilus’ tribe held themselves above the normal servants of Darke. They thought of themselves as first class warriors of darkness and the others as lesser soldiers.

When the golden wave had finally vanished from sight, the many realms that were inhabited by the defeated Army of Darkness were drawn together into a single, many-layered dimension of darkness with a special plane of suffering reserved for the devils that had followed Mortilus on his treacherous campaign. It was even rumoured that Mortilus himself could be found lurking broken and helpless in the deepest parts of the realm, but then some also theorised that Darke himself was imprisoned at its very centre.

The remainder of Light’s army had also found a new home. Many of the realms they had occupied during the war had been devastated by Darke’s forces. Instead of rebuilding they had found a dimension that could accommodate the remaining tribes. They established new territories there under the guidance of the surviving Paladins.

For it seemed that despite their best efforts, Mortilus and Darke had indeed failed to eradicate many of the Paladins. Some had been damaged, broken even, but most had survived and now looked at themselves in the new role as the Gods of Light. But among their number were those that like Mortilus had been corrupted by Darke but had not betrayed Light before his change of state. It was only in the aftermath of the big battle where both avatars had been lost that they chose to show their true callings, leaving behind the other Paladins and moving to join Darke’s followers, labelling themselves as the Gods of Darkness.

With their own territories determined, each side turned their attention back to the opposing side. It seemed that in their efforts they had failed to notice the distance and obstacles to a direct attack upon the opposing side. There were new dimensions in the way that would need to be claimed before that could happen. Or perhaps for now the glory of claiming those dimensions would serve as sufficient reward for their ongoing battle.

For the next age was fast approaching and with it would come even more change

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