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The Power Rangers and their allies were too late and existence ceased. But in the darkness a single reality remained, shifting in time and space, reflecting the many realities that had been lost and sustained by what was left of the Great Power.
Can a team of humans who never wanted to be heroes step up to accept the role fate has given them to restore existence, especially when they realise the cost?

Read: The Brink of Destruction

The starting point

The Alternate Realities Explained

Minion was supposed to be a singular being that existed in a single reality. Unlike others who had counterparts throughout existence, there was only supposed to be one Minion. However, Minion possessed a will that would not allow a little thing like death or complete obliteration of his mind, body and soul to stop him. Minion’s willpower did not disappear with the loss of his physical self. It was his willpower that fought against his inevitable and obvious demise. Even as the Power Rangers and their allies tried to close the void that Minion had created, and to reboot existence, Minion’s conviction that he should have been victorious slowed their progress as he tried to alter events to fit his point of view. On existence on the brink of absolute collapse, a greater power stepped in, allowing the impossible to happen: Minion’s soul shattered.

Countless splinters of Minion’s essence were thrown out into a newly created multiverse where every possible strategy, every possible circumstance that could perhaps change the outcome of Minion’s battle with the Power Rangers played out. Simple changes to his schemes were tested and proven ineffective, more complex alterations to the timing of his reappearance the presence or disappearance of allies on the Rangers’ side could play out to no avail. As Minion’s twisted mind played out possible scenarios where he teamed up with the Machine Empire instead of Rita and Zedd, where he allied himself with unknown villains or tapped into different source of power, the scenarios could follow their natural course, ending with his defeat. In desperation Minion’s subconscious suggested the possibility of escaping death at the hands of the Rangers and finding victory in another reality or returning later… those too could play out.

Evil Minion, weak Minion, godlike Minion, female Minion, machine Minion, undead Minion and even human Minion; all were allowed their chance and all failed. And as each splinter failed, it returned to his shattered soul, making it whole and shrinking the multiverse in the process. Many of the scenarios resolves themselves in second, other took longer, but by the time the void finally closed and the Rangers reignited reality, the temporary multiverse had been reduced to a few hundred realities.

Of course, there was never a chance that Minion would succeed. The shattering of his soul allowed his protests to be answered by fact, but there was no way existence would allow him to triumph. A small force was selected to pursue Minion across the countless realities and to prevent him from winning under any circumstances. Good or evil, demon or god, man or machine…

Go to: Conquest of Evil Multiverse (Minionverse)

See the dark realities created as existence tries to prove the theory that Minion can never triumph.

Read: The Rebirth

What lay shattered had been restored.

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