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Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: Tanya and David’s quest for power takes place at the same time as Trial of the Body. Any events that occur elsewhere are taking place shortly after Testing Times. This story features mainly around Tanya and David and their search for their new powers.

All times given are based on Angel Grove time.

This story is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series. In this place events start after the end of Zeo and before the Turbo movie.

End of the Trials

Temple of the Ninjetti,


Darkness had fallen by the time David and Tanya finished their trek to the ruins of the Ninjetti Temple on Phaedos. Dulcea had insisted they use the time since they arrived near the shore to acclimatise themselves to the jungle planet. Dulcea had already lit the fire when they arrived, cast light around the ruins and allowing them to make out some of the Temple’s features.

“You have both been chosen by Zordon to become Rangers. It is with that in mind that I will guide you on your first step to doing so.”

Dulcea took a white powder from a pouch and blew it into the flames. David and Tanya felt themselves drawn towards the fire, their eyes never leaving the tips of the flames.

“The Ninjetti is a power that is linked into the souls of its avatars. It is the natural offshoot of the Ninja power that allows a Ranger to contact a spirit guide through a Power Coin. Ninjetti is focussed more upon the Ranger Aspect and requires that the soul is pure.”

“Stare into the fire, Rangers, and search within yourself. Discover the part of yourself that is the Ranger. Look deep within, into your spirit.”

Taking a deep breath, both Rangers did as she instructed, closing their eyes and hoping for success. It seemed an eternity before they started to fell the power growing, flowing through every part of their bodies. Slowly they opened their eyes to find themselves glowing with the power. For David it was a strange but warm sensation as the Power determined if he deserved it.

For Tanya the Power seemed to poke through all the hidden depths of her soul, carrying her along for the ride. Deeper and deeper into her mind the energy travelled, searching out those areas that had been sealed and she was unaware of. Finally the power stopped, as if considering whether to proceed or just leave. It chose to continue, throwing Tanya into the depths of existence she could not remember, but which seemed vaguely familiar.

Then it was over. The fire died down to reveal David clad in the white uniform of Ninjetti, a uniform similar to the ones he had seen the Ninja Rangers wear on Earth, minus the mask. Tanya looked down at herself to find herself clad in an amber version of the uniform. Before them stood Dulcea, a confused and almost worried look on her face. She noticed the two Rangers looking at her and quickly hid any emotion.

“David, you are the White Ranger. You are the Velociraptor, Tiger and Falcon. You are the healer, able to revive your teammates when injury strikes, protective of those in need. Although a peaceful man you will fight if provoked to shield those you care about.”

“Tanya, you are the…” Dulcea hesitated for a moment. Something didn’t feel right and she wasn’t sure what it was. The Power had seemed to reject her for a moment and then changed its mind. “You are the Amber Ranger,” she said. “Your spirit guides will reveal themselves when the time is right.” ~And may the Grid have mercy on us if I’m right.~

“Tomorrow you will both travel through the jungle to reach the Monolith and claim your powers. I cannot tell you what you will face, but I will warn you to be prepared. If you are successful, the Earth shall have its new defenders. Now, get some rest.” To herself Dulcea added ~While I go and consult with the Power.~

Following Morning,

David had made quick progress through the jungle despite the heat and thick vegetation. Even so he kept his eyes open, constantly on the lookout for danger. He was looking forward to getting his powers and going home, back to his father and the girl he had been forced to love from a distance.

He had loved her since they had first met. But she was seeing his half brother and David had promised he would never even attempt to come between them. That was a part of being a Ranger he was not looking forward to. Having to work with somebody, knowing he could never tell her how he felt or ask whether she felt the same.

Then there were the other problems of becoming a Ranger. Since he had known Tommy his life had changed. He had become more and more involved with the Rangers, normally due to being captured by Mondo and used as bait for some type of trap.

Dulcea had been a little nervous about sending David on his own. Usually the Jungle was used to test teams of the Rangers and not individuals. However, as she was unsure what to do about Tanya, Dulcea had decided it was best for David to complete his tests as quickly as possible.

During the night she had trained him in various forms or combat and meditation, all of which David had picked up easily. She had even shown him her own personal weapon, the whistling stick. Although they were capable of causing little damage on their own, their greatest strength was their ability to scare opponents due to the noise they made when twirled.

After a few hours of solid training David was at the point where he could at least attempt to block one of Dulcea’s attacks, a great accomplishment in itself. Eventually he was able to defend himself against her weaker blows and react to her harder shot enough to take the edge off them.

David had left at first light, leaving Tanya to sleep and Dulcea to her meditation. If there was a reason why Tanya could not have the Power then they needed to know. And the only way for Dulcea to find out was to consult with some of the ancient masters through her link to the Grid.

Stone Henge

Minion felt it; every part of his being sensed the surge of evil energy that had been released only a few minutes earlier. The sensation had passed as if buried again, but Minion had discovered the source and suddenly a few things seemed to make sense.

~Why didn’t I notice it before,~ he wondered. ~If Tanya is truly the vessel then Dulcea has just unleashed a force she could never hope to control or vanquish.~

“Silvo, bring me the prisoner,” Minion instructed. Although Silvo was nowhere near Stone Henge, Minion knew his first henchman could hear his call from anywhere.

In a flash the silver henchman appeared, dragging Taanya with him. “As ordered master.”

“Now Taanya, we are going to discover exactly why you were able to overcome my attempt to turn you evil.”

Light shot from Minion’s eyes, striking Taanya in the head and delving deep into her mind. Soon he would discover the truth and if it was as he thought, then by making Tanya a Ranger, Zordon had sealed his fate.


David stopped walking when he reached an open patch of land. It looked peaceful enough, but David had learnt never to take anything for granted. He took the time to examine his surroundings, noting the lack of sound and movement as though the animals knew the area was unsafe for them.

Carefully David stepped into the area, keeping his eyes open in case of any surprise attacks. He sensed movement in the ground to his right. He turned to see a pile of bones lying on the ground. Upon careful examination he saw a rabbit-like animal leap out and hop into the jungle. Shrugging, David turned to resume his trek and ducked just as the skeleton came to life and attempted to bite his head off.

David rolled across the ground, taking the time to examine his attacker. It resembled some type of dinosaur with four thick legs; teeth designed to rip flesh from the body, a deadly tail and a sharp horn mounted on the very tip of its nose. How it managed to move without muscles or a brain was beyond David, but assumed it was an effect caused by the magic of Phaedos’ surface.

David scrambled across the jungle floor searching for anything he might use as a weapon. He grabbed a bone that was lying on the ground and jammed it into the skeleton’s mouth as it attempted to bite him a second time. The bone caught between the top and bottom jaws, causing the skeleton to jerk its head wildly in an attempt to dislodge the bone.

Finally with a loud crack the bone snapped in half. By that time David was already seeking an alternative idea, deciding that if he could not stop it from eating him then he needed to slow it down long enough to get clear. He leapt into a tree, causing the skeleton to charge at it. Its horn became embedded in the trunk and it roared in pain as it tried to free itself.

There David saw his opportunity and struck, dropping onto the skeletons back, looking for any weaknesses he could exploit. He found his hands drawn to a bone connecting the head to the neck. Holding it in both arms David pulled as hard as he could, removing the bone and causing the head to fall off. As it did so the magical connection between the skeleton was lost and it collapsed back to the ground in a pile of bones.

~One down, two to go,~ David thought as he moved away into the jungle, unsure of what lay ahead.

Tanya woke the following morning to find David had already left. She looked around the camp and could see Dulcea deep in a meditative trance. ~What is going on?~ She wondered. When the Power had search her soul, she had felt something. She had felt power beyond her wildest imagination, beyond anything she had felt from the Zeo Crystal. At the same time it scared her. She had sensed malevolence just under the surface, waiting to drag her under and take control.

Then there was the question of the powers she had been given. Zordon had mentioned that there was a ninth colour, but had been reluctant to say what it was or even what it represented. Somehow, Tanya did not feel as though she was drawing power from anything. And something told her the ninth colour was not amber. The coin on her quest uniform was a dull grey, bearing no insignia.

Maybe you should conduct your own quest, without the help of Dulcea. > Tanya was not sure if that was her own thought or something else. It had felt like her, but she had never even thought of how to find the Power without Dulcea’s help.

Concentrate your senses inwards and find part of you in which the Power resides. Unlock those doors that until now have been locked to you. >

Tanya did as she was told, turning her thoughts inward, hoping to find her Aspects.

Stone Henge

With Minion forcibly driving her to seek out her lost memories, Taanya began to search. Soon she was beyond childhood memories, beyond the memories of the previous holders of the Yellow Zeo Sub-crystal and beyond the embedded memories of her ancestors.

Minion was surprise at how far back he seemed to be carried. Eventually Taanya stopped at a time almost three hundred thousand years before the first Morphin Master had been born. Back when the Morphin Grid was a myth and the battles between good and evil were truly violent and forceful.

Minion placed Taanya into a trance to keep her concentrating. The events he was about to see were so old the very existence of anything recording their existence was legendary.


David reached the second obstacle in his quest. In front of him was a wall of flames blocking the entrance to the monolith. He turned to go back and find a safer route, but discovered the fire had spread to surround him on all sides.

~Looks like I am going through anyway,~ he thought.

Taking a deep breath, David closed his eyes and charged forward towards the fire. He felt the flames as he encountered them, felt the heat burning him and the pain creeping through his skin. Then the flames disappeared along with the pain, allowing David to keep running having past the test.

Dulcea had always found it difficult to split her attention between more than two tasks. At present she was trying to look after Tanya, communicate with the other Keepers and check on David’s progress.

The latter had been accomplished through centuries of training her mind. Although she was bound to the sacred temple and was unable to move into the jungle or off the planet, Dulcea had learnt the planet had enhanced her mental capabilities allowing her to communicate with the jungle animals.

Over time that link had been enhanced to the extent where she was able to implant her personality into the creature and borrow its body for a short time. Currently she had borrowed the form of a white owl and was watching David face the challenge of fire. The task was simple enough. All he had to do was run through the fire, which was an illusion and he would pass.

The test was whether he was prepared to face the danger, or wait for it to find him. Dulcea was pleased to see he faced the test head on and was moving forward to the final test.

She had spent time studying David. He was one of the few Rangers she had ever met that while only mortal was pure of heart and spirit. She had determined his greatest fear though. David was fearful that he would be force to choose between his brother and the girl he thought he loved. Dulcea sighed. It was a shame she could not tell David how Kat felt about him, but that was an issue Tommy, Kat and David would have to settle in their own time.

For now though David’s fear of having to decide would be the basis for his final test.

Now she had to turn her attention to a more urgent matter. When Tanya had looked into the fire the night before Dulcea had sensed an evil within her so great it was impossible to hide. And yet when Dulcea had checked on Tanya shortly afterwards the evil was gone.

Dulcea had consulted with Zordon, Saurian, Thalian and Ninjor, all of who had agreed that Tanya should confront the evil within her before she was allowed to touch the power. In all her memory Dulcea could never remember an evil being forced to be good by means of magic. More to the point, she had never heard of it working to such an extent. Life eventually showed its true self whether for better or worse.

Tanya was different though. Dulcea could not feel any evil within the girl. Not even the slightly oily sensation that touching an evil being caused. Thalian had said that he detected something, but was not sure what. Ninjor had checked the spirit and had found Tanya to be almost identical to Aisha.

Something was wrong, but Dulcea still did not know what. She turned around to see Tanya almost in a self-induced trance. Extending her senses outward, Dulcea was able to follow Tanya into her quest.

Almost immediately she realised there was more to Tanya than met the eye. She discovered the hidden depths deep within Tanya’s soul. There she found a memory that did not belong in Tanya’s mind. With a little prompting Tanya opened the door and prepared to discover the truth.

Tanya walked along what seemed to be a line of mirrors. As she looked into each mirror, she saw a piece of her past. The day she had gained the Zeo Crystal, the day she was reunited with her parents and the day she had started to fall for Adam Park.

Deeper into her memories she walked, beyond her childhood into her racial and genetic memories. She felt three others join her on her quest. The first was obviously Dulcea. Tanya could sense the good within her. The second was dark and evil. Tanya had felt his presence before on the battlefield, but could not recall who it was. The third and strongest presence was almost a reflection of herself. From looks to mannerisms it was her exact double.

Tanya allowed herself no time to worry about those she was sensing. Instead she concentrated on finding her way to the part of herself she had found the previous evening. She could see a door, locked to everyone but herself. Tanya reached out and opened the door.

She felt herself and those with her drawn together as the images within became more than just suppressed memories.

Deep Space,

Distant Past

The Life Spring had spread throughout the Universe. Everything it touched led to colonisation and peace. The dark being could not allow such a thing to continue. It had already gained sentience, taking an innocent young female and turning her evil. It had stripped any signs of good from her and used her body to travel the Universe, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

The Life Spring fought back. It chose the sister of the female and transformed her into its agent, obsessed only with the conquest of evil. Throughout the Universe they fought, neither able to gain the upper hand. Each armed with a sword, one the very embodiment of good and the other the very essence of evil.

Eventually the force for good grew tired of battling and came to rest on a small lifeless planet known in the future as Earth. The force of evil followed, sensing the chance to control a world rich in natural magic.

As it tried to suck the planet dry, the evil realised its mistake. The planet contained Iron, an element capable of repelling or even destroying magic. The force of good had not given up; it had merely allowed the evil to become powerless before striking.

The good ripped the Sword of Darkness away from its holder and threw it along with the Sword of Light into the depths of Space, never knowing where they would land.

In the ultimate show of sacrifice the good sister merged with the evil sister, gaining control of their joint body long enough to destroy it. Preventing the evil from escape the good sister reduced them to mere atoms, meaning the only way he could be resurrected, required all of the atoms to reassemble themselves into his original form, followed by a massive surge of energy to awaken him.

On Earth billions of years passed, the atoms become spread further and further around the planet. Each year the chances of the ancient evil arising became less and less likely. But evil will find a way and by unknown means they finally found their way into the DNA of an Earth human. Over time it passed through the family line, duplicating itself each time until it was finally able to form a link with the human, guiding her through life.

The girl grew up and one day encountered a child by the name of Aisha Campbell who handed her the Zeo Crystal. The Zeo Crystal accepted the girl despite the evil hidden within because the girl was good. Every time the new Zeo Ranger known as Tanya Sloan had a dark thought or emotion, it was absorbed and used to make it grow. For those watching her, she did not seem to contain any evil, but deep inside her was evil in its purest form.

But then the forces of good made an error. They allowed the girl to touch the Ranger Aspect, a power great enough to awaken the demonic force that slumbered deep within her essence. Now he was growing within, feeding off the dark emotions within her and preparing to take control.

And so in order to lure the girl as it had done to another so long before, he corrupted her powers and convinced her to search within herself. When she finished watching the story unfold, Tanya Sloan realised it was too late.

Nekron was free!

Tanya was pushed away from the door as a shadow blacker than night itself and larger than Rocky De Santo’s appetite burst forth. It knocked her to the ground, trying to take over her thoughts and suffocating her with darkness. Tanya could feel it trying to convince her to give up, choking her life away.

“Give it up,” the thing hissed “I cannot be beaten.”

“Never!” Tanya cried, letting her emotions drive her body. She reached deep inside remembering her friends, her family, Zordon and Alpha. All of them were relying on her. All of them had had the faith in her to send her to Phaedos.

She punched the darkness hard in the face, using her love for her friends to power her body. She felt her double attempt to join her in the battle. Together they fought the darkness back towards the outside of her mind. In a flash the darkness leapt at her double and vanished, allowing Tanya to wake up.

Stone Henge

So that was it. Minion had uncovered the truth behind Tanya and at the same time witnessed the freedom of a creature so old and so evil it made even Minion feel small. A lesser villain might have worried about the return of one so evil. But Minion was a servant of evil and dedicated to his cause. If the release of Nekron led to ultimate victory so much the better. Besides, the dark entity was no match for Minion at present. Minion had the Lin Kuei Crystal, the Dark Dimension, the Sword of Darkness and the Psycho Rangers at his command.

Minion smiled as he realised that not only would Nekron be freed, but without Tanya the Rangers did not have a full team. That meant the Rangers would still not be able to reach their full potential.

~Things are looking up.~

Then he sensed a change in Taanya. Somehow the link he had forced between replica and original had transferred Nekron into Taanya’s body. He now had the most powerful force of evil under his control and there was nothing the Rangers could do about it.


Tanya awoke from her search feeling confused and empty. Something had left her during the search and now she felt somewhat stronger. Her uniform had changed from amber to purple and bore the insignia of the Stegosaurus, Spider and Hawk.

She looked around and saw Dulcea looking at her, a look of concern on her face. She moved over to where Tanya was sitting and helped her up.

“What just happened?” Dulcea asked.

“I don’t know,” Tanya replied. “Something told me to find my spirit guide and when I did this darkness tried to take over. But I beat it back and when I awoke I was dressed in this.”

Dulcea looked Tanya over critically. The feeling of unease she had felt earlier was gone, replaced by a link between Tanya and the Morphin Grid.

“I think you have just passed your test,” Dulcea told Tanya.

Secretly she wondered what had happened to the evil that she had sensed inside the depths of Tanya’s soul. Wherever it had gone, the process had left Tanya able to accept the Power and ready for action.

The trek had taken him a long time, but finally David reached the Monolith. Dulcea had told him that the final test would take place there. Moving forward, David could sense the Great Power easily within his reach. He stretched out his hand and touched the edge of the monolith, instantly aware of the grating sound, which indicated impending danger.

David rolled back as he came face to face with his final challenge. He found himself surrounded by his fellow Rangers, each of them ready for action as a mixture of stone gargoyles headed towards them.

The fight was fast and furious. David soon noticed that five of the gargoyles and five of the Rangers were fictitious, created to make the fight look realistic.

Just as David finished off the gargoyle he was fighting he heard a series of cries behind him. He turned to find the remaining gargoyle standing over the unmorphed forms of Kat and Tommy. In its hand it held a single crossbow.

“I give you a choice Ranger,” the gargoyle said. “I don’t care which Ranger I kill so I will let you choose. If you make the right choice, you will pass the final test.”

David considered his options. On the one hand Tommy was his brother, the leader of the Rangers and an asset too valuable to lose. On the other hand Kat was the girl he loved and also a member of the Rangers. He was tempted to sacrifice Tommy if for no other reason than to get Kat for himself.

~No, there had to be another way,~ he thought. Then he remembered what the gargoyle had said. ~Maybe I don’t have to choose.~

“You won’t fire until I have decided, will you?”

“No,” the Gargoyle responded.

~Good,~ David thought as he carefully made his way towards the gargoyle, hoping that the illusions of Kat and Tommy would react in the way the real ones would. “In that case,” he said moving behind the gargoyle, “shoot me.”

The gargoyle had no choice but to comply with David’s choice. It turned to where he was standing, allowing Tommy and Kat to get clear. As the arrow moved into position David kicked the weapon, causing it to point skyward and fire. He then savate kicked the gargoyle and watched in satisfaction as it crumbled back to dust.

David felt a strange feeling within him and realised he was being teleported back to the Temple. When he got there, he discovered Dulcea and Tanya waiting for him. Dulcea nodded for him to join them while she prepared the fire for the final ceremony.

Later that day Dulcea, David and Tanya gathered inside the Temple of the Ninjetti. Dulcea smiled as she regarded her young students. Both had come a long way in a short time and she knew the hardest part of their journey lay ahead of them in the future.

You have both taken the tests required to determine worthiness for the Ranger Aspect and you have both passed. It is with this in mind that I grant you the powers of the White and Purple Rangers.

She turned to the fire and poured a bag of golden dust into the flames. In the heat David could see a golden ball form, surrounded by creatures resembling the Velociraptor, Tiger and Falcon. As the flames danced David could make out the image of a Ranger moving towards the ball. As he reached it, hand outwards there was a flash and all four images were sucked into the ball.

“David Trueheart, you have faced the trial of a Ninjetti alone and without the backing of others and yet you have succeeded where many teams have failed. You showed intelligence by figuring out your options before moving and then striking with a decisive blow. You have faced danger head on where many might have waited for assistance and shown the determination to overcome such obstacles. Finally you showed that you were willing to sacrifice yourself for your teammates, knowing they were only images created by the Power. Your ability to find the third choice when it would have been more convenient to sacrifice a competitor had earned you the right to become the White Ranger. The Velociraptor, Tiger and Falcon will serve you well. Reach into the flames and seize your destiny.”

David reached forward quickly; remembering what he had learnt and grabbed the ball. The fire did not burn or cause any inconvenience. As he pulled the ball out, he opened his palm and looked at the images engraved upon it. The Falcon, Tiger and Velociraptor were pictured, along with the image of the White Ranger.

Next Dulcea turned her attention to Tanya. “Tanya Sloan, although you have not faced the jungle tests, you have met a challenge even more difficult to face. There are few mortals who are capable of saying they have faced and conquered the darkness within. You have done so. You confronted an evil buried deep within your soul and despite the fact it was more powerful than you were, you defeated it. In your time as a Ranger on Earth you have shown yourself to be a team player, capable of acting and thinking as necessary. It is with this in mind I grant you the powers of the Purple Ranger.”

Once again Dulcea poured the contents of a small bag into the fire. The flames licked around the dust, melting it into a new form. As the flames danced Tanya could see the Stegosaurus, Spider and Hawk, joined by the image of a Ranger. All four figures joined together with the gold dust to create a golden ball.

“Reach forward and accept your destiny,” Dulcea prompted.

Tanya reached into the flames and pulled out her ball. Opening her palm, she could make out the images of the Stegosaurus, Spider and Hawk, with the Purple Ranger standing proudly next to them.

“Now it is time to accept your powers and make the metamorphosis. It’s Morphin Time!”

“White Ranger Power!” David called.

“Purple Ranger Power!” Tanya called.

Having never been Morphing Rangers before, both David and Tanya were surprised by the flow of energy through their bodies. Tanya soon found herself in purple body armour complete with a helmet. On her chest was a coin showing her spirit guides with the image of the Ranger standing out prominently. On her hips was a black belt and Blade Blaster. On her left leg was a black baton. As she drew the baton, it transformed into a pair of Nunchuks.

David found himself clad in the armour of a White Ranger. Unlike previous White Rangers, he did not have the typical black armour covering his chest and shoulders. Instead he had a shield similar to the Gold Zeo Ranger covering his shoulders, chest and sides. His arms and legs had addition gold plating near the joints. On his hip was a Blade Blast and on his back was a more heavily armoured version of Saba. At present the sword’s eyes were closed, but Dulcea assured him that was because Saba was currently helping Tommy and the others on Earth.

“I will send you both to join the other Rangers. I cannot leave the Sacred Grounds again so I will entrust you to the other Keepers. Remember, should you ever need my advice, just call and I will appear to you.”

Thanking Dulcea for her help the two newest Rangers left Phaedos to meet with their friends and then maybe go home.

Temple of the Body,


Eight fully powered Rangers gathered together at the base of the Temple of the Body. Above them were Saurian, Thalian and Ninjor, all dressed in their battle armour.

“Congratulations Rangers,” Ninjor said. “Now that you have all gained your powers the team has been unified. As such I can now tell you of some of the extra powers, which you will receive. Firstly you can all call on either your full Ranger power or if the situation dictates your alternative modes.”

“For Jason and Sam, this means that you can call on the power of the Dinosaurs. Both of you can call forth heavier armoured suits, similar to that worn during medieval times of your world. I’m sure you will learn the powers of suits when you need them.”

“Kimberly and Zack, you have been given the power of Thunder. As a result you can both project energy blasts from your hands. The intensity of these blasts will increase when you are together.”

“Trini and Billy you will gain the powers and abilities of the Ninja, allowing you to move silently and strike with speed and ferocity.”

“Finally David and Tanya, you two are the most powerful of the Rangers at this time for within each of you is the ability to touch the powers of your spirit guides. As time goes by you will learn that these capabilities will become more important than your Ranger modes.”

“What about Zords?” Jason asked.

“I can answer that,” Saurian told him. “With the aid of our powers, Thalian, Ninjor and I have recreated all the Zords you have used before and some you have yet to meet. The Dino, Thunder and Ninja Zords have been distributed to you. In addition the Shogun Zords and Battle Borgs have been redesigned. There are now eight of them, each with the ability to use either a Battle Borg or Shogun Zord sized attack mode.”

“If you need to use more than one set of Zords, then Sam and Jason will control all the Dino Zords, Kimberly and Zack will control the Thunder Zords, Trini and Billy will control the Ninja Zords and David and Tanya will command the Shogun Zords or Battle Borgs.”

“In addition, Thalian, Saurian and I will be on call should you need us,” Ninjor told them. “Now Rangers it is time for you to return to your world and help out those who have been covering for you.”

“How long have we been here?” Trini asked.

“Two or three days,” Saurian replied. The Rangers exchanged looks of surprise. It felt more like a month since they first set foot on their quest.

“One thing before we go guys,” Jason said holding out his hand. One by one the other Rangers placed their hand on top, Sam in the centre and David on top of the pile. Together they all started to chant, “Go, go, go…”

The chant increased in speed as their arms moved up and down. Finally they all cried out, “Power Rangers!”

Stone Henge,


Minion felt the final change in the Ranger powers. Now they were together and in unity they hoped to find strength. It didn’t matter though because already his latest creation was dealing the former Zeo Rangers another defeat.

If the eight new Rangers arrived, so what? Minion already had his Psycho Rangers, had destroyed the meddlesome replica of Billy and was about to take control of the Earth. If the Rangers arrive, all they will find is a world dedicated to Minion and the forces of darkness.

“Virtualtron, finish them!” he ordered.

He watched in satisfaction as his latest creation tore into the four Megazords the Rangers had summoned from somewhere. He watched as the Gold Ranger attempted to help his friends, laughing as the Super Zeo Zord was thrown to the ground.


End of Part

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