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Prison Sub-Dimension, Stone Henge

Twenty-four hours had passed and Minion decided it was time to see how his guests were coping. He ignored the VR Troopers and Beetleborgs; they were for later. First there were his old adversaries, the Gem Coin Rangers, to pay his respects to.

He looked inside and was pleased with the results. Katherine, Trey and Aisha had been removed from their various tortures and strapped to tables. Minion wanted them to regain some strength before the torture resumed. Rocky had been left attached to the machine Biilly had referred to as the Twitcher.

Minion moved over and studied Rocky’s face. For more than twenty-four hours Rocky’s left leg had been twitching relentlessly due to the stimulation provided by the machine. The constant movement was causing continuous discomfort, preventing the former Ranger from concentrating on anything but the pain.

Next Minion moved on to where Tommy was still suspended and undergoing the continued care of a Rob Trooper. Minion studied the boy’s wounds and could tell the Ranger healing was starting to fail.

“Is it painful Tommy?” Minion asked.

Taking his finger, he traced the still bloodied wound where the Robo Trooper had switched from fists to spiked blades. Soon if there was no let up Tommy would be crippled for the rest of his life. Minion nodded to the Robo Trooper to intensify his assault. If Tommy survived another day, Minion decided he would stop the torture. But, he doubted Tommy would live that long.

Finally Minion moved to where Adam was sitting. He was drugged and unable to help his friends. Minion looked at the former Ranger and could see he was broken. Tears streaked down his face, caused by the hopelessness of his situation.

“Don’t worry Adam,” Minion told him. “Soon it will end, for all of you.”

Turning around he left the Prison Sub-Dimension and entered the Training Zone, a large arena similar to the theatres used in Ancient Rome. Lined up in the centre of the zone stood the thirteen active Psycho Rangers. Taanya was still unavailable due to the demon Nekron that was trying to grow a new body within her womb. Minion had yet to find a way to separate the vast evil entity from his final Psycho Ranger. However, With Biilly finally under his control he now had a Blue Psycho Ranger.

Minion walked along the line of troops, carefully inspecting them to ensure they were ready for action. All the Psycho Rangers had been training; ready for what Minion had promised would be their toughest test ever.

“Bring in the prisoner,” Minion ordered.

Silvo appeared, dragging the defeated Prince Dex of Edenoi with him. Violently he injected the Prince with a stimulant to give him added strength. Minion had known Dex would be resistant to torture due to the make up of his powers. For that reason he had not bothered, deciding to simply drain Dex’s life force. Now he had a reason for keeping the Masked Rider alive. Minion was going to use him to test his Psycho rangers.

For Dex it was an opportunity to escape. He never stood a chance in a fight with more than one Psycho Ranger. Dex knew that and felt no shame in the fact. Being able to recognise and work with his limitations had allowed the Masked Rider to triumph in the past. He simply solved those things within his control and found alternatives to those he could not. Right now escape was a priority. With his powers he could summon help and escape to fight again. But first he needed to get away from Minions Prison Sub-Dimension.

“Now, transform into Masked Rider,” Minion said.

Dex knew better than to help Minion with his plan, but he also knew that his powers would give him a better chance of escape.

“Ectophase Activate!”

Green energy sparked from Dex’s belt buckle. Focussing Morphin energy through a crystal made from the mystic Heart of Edenoi, the buckle seemed to fly off. Even as the energies used Dex’s insect-like morphing affinity to charge forms from pedestrian to warrior, the buckle became his mask and joined with his flesh, forming the green armour and antenna-crested helmet of the Masked Rider.

“Psycho Red, Psycho Purple, attack!”

Masked Rider knew he could not outmatch two of Minion’s Psycho Rangers. He had seen them in action and had a fair idea of what they could do. As he started to move around, he wondered if maybe he could outsmart them. Jumping, diving and turning to avoid each blow Dex waited until Psycho Red was open and Psycho Purple was on the wrong side to help.

“Rider Kick!” he called, focussing all his energy into a missile like drop kick. Normally he would aim for the head or chest. Knowing these areas would be protected, he decided to aim lower. His feet glowing red, the Masked Rider slammed into Psycho Red’s knee. He rolled to the side as Psycho Purple attempted to hit him with her Psycho Nunchuks. With nothing to hit the weapon continued to head downwards until it connected with Psycho Red.

“Electro Saber activate!” Masked Rider called.

From the buckle like box on his belt he drew the Electro Saber. The glowing blade seemed to hum as he made a downward arc through Psycho Purple’s shoulder. She screamed as the blade tore through the top layer of her armour.

“Masked Rider Super Blue!”

His buckle started to glow as the Masked Rider costume turned blue, giving him the ability to turn to liquid at will. He knew Minion had predicted this action, but hoped he had overlooked the next possible action. Transforming to a liquid, he pretended to head towards Psycho Red. At the last possible moment he veered off and directed himself straight towards Minion.

The irresistible force of Masked Rider Super Blue collided with the immovable object known as Minion and the immovable object won. Super Blue bounced away from his opponent, hoping that the attempt had convinced Minion of his intentions. It had worked; Minion thought Super Blue that was trying to destroy him and was unprepared when Super Blue headed for the portal back to Stone Henge.

“Brasso, Robo Troopers, get him back!” Minion shouted angrily as he watched the now powered down Dex ran through the barrier and into an area where the Rangers could help him. Determined not to make it easy for Zordon to find the Prince of Edenoi, Minion blasted Dex, Brasso and the foot soldiers, sending them back to Angel Grove. If the Rangers interfered, they would suffer the fate of all those who had battled the Robo Troopers and lose.

Minion turned back to where Psycho Red was helping Psycho Purple to stand, having knocked her away in anger. The symbol of the Gorilla on his chest glowed red as his leg regenerated. The Condor on Psycho Purple’s chest glowed as her shoulder was restored to normal.

Power Chamber

The alarm came to life as it detected a disturbance in Angel Grove. Alpha adjusted the Viewing Screen and could make out a familiar running from Brasso and the Robo Troopers.

“Zordon, its Dex!” Alpha cried, recognising his creator’s grandson.

“Alpha, try to teleport him here,” Zordon said calmly. At the same time he summoned the Rangers.

“What’s going on Zordon?” Jason asked as the Rangers appeared.

“Observe the Viewing Screen,” Zordon said. “There is little time.”

“Who is that?” Zack asked watching the figure running away from Brasso.

“Dex,” Kimberly and Billy said together.

“Dex is the prince of Edenoi and holder of the Masked Rider powers,” Billy explained. “We met him a few years ago and helped him to fight off an attack from his uncle.”

“And now he needs your help again,” Zordon said. “Alpha has been unable to teleport him and I do not believe he will be able to fight off his pursuers in his current condition.”

“It’s Morphin Time!” Jason shouted.

“White Ranger Power!”

“Black Ranger Power!”

“Pink Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

“Yellow Ranger Power!”

“Red Ranger Power!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“Green Ranger Power!”

In eight columns of coloured light the Rangers teleported to save the alien who would prove to be a valuable ally in the future. As they directed themselves to surround the Masked Rider they appeared and burst into action.

As they left, Zordon looked across at where the Zeo Crystal was still charging.~Ninety percent complete, ~ he thought to himself. ~Almost enough for all ten Zeo Rangers.~ Since the Gem Coin Rangers had ceased to use their powers, the crystal had been able to use its full power to recharge. Soon the crystal would be returned to full power. Then it was a question of finding the Zeo Rangers and saving them.

Pink and Blue Ranger stayed with the weakened prince, whilst Red and Green Rangers battled Brasso and Yellow, Purple, White and Black Rangers battle the Robo Troopers. This time they faced a full team of Rangers, each able to use the Morphin Grid to its full effect.

“Billy, how do we beat these guys?” Yellow Ranger shouted.

“Try the weapon I have been working on with Alpha,” Blue Ranger suggested.

Yellow Ranger did as her friend suggested and a silver pistol appeared in her hand. Not sure what to do, she pulled the trigger and was thrown backwards by the force of the shot. Orange powder covered the Robo Troopers, leaving a trail of red dots on the Validium skin.

“Strike three dots and their down,” Blue Ranger called.

At first Black Ranger was going to ask whether it was that simple, but when he looked at the Troopers in front of him he realised the dots were in different places on each Trooper.

“Let’s improve the odds Rangers,” Red Ranger called, noting they were outnumbered, especially with two Rangers covering Dex. “Billy, Kim, get him out of here.”

In columns of pink, blue and clear the two Rangers teleported their friend to the safety of the Power Chamber.

“Power Sword!” Red Ranger called.

The more powerful version of his original weapon appeared at his command. Although Jason had lost some of his impulsiveness during his time at the Peace Conference and as Gold Ranger, the Red Ranger had lost none of his skill with a sword. As he attacked Brasso, Green Ranger waited for an opportunity before calling on his own sword.

“Dragon Fire!” he called as he pointed the sword towards the henchman. A ball of green fire emerged from the tip of the sword engulfing Brasso.

“Black Ranger Thunder Clap!” Black Ranger called.

As he kept three Robo Troopers away using his unique fighting style black clouds started to form over the Troopers’ heads. Lightning bolts shot from the cloud, striking multiple points on each Trooper’s body. As three dots were hit a chunk of metal fell away from the Trooper, leaving it deactivated.

“Power Daggers!” Yellow Ranger called. The sharp and deadly daggers appeared in her hands.

Aiming carefully she threw them at two of the Robo Troopers advancing on her. The daggers bounced off the metallic skin and returned to her hand. She threw them again with similar results. The third time she threw them, her plan became evident. With three spots hit, the Robo Troopers shut down.

“Rolling Thunder!” she called.

Yellow clouds surrounded the Robo Troopers and as she brought her hands together, the clouds released their full power. The Robo Troopers crumbled from the head to toe.

Purple Ranger meanwhile was making use of her distance attacks. Striking out with her Power Nunchuks, she ensured none of the Robo Troopers could get close enough to use their superior strength. She still had to duck when one of the Troopers decided to use a javelin against her. Drawing her Blade Blaster she targeted the dots on each Trooper and fired. One by one, the Troopers shut down.

White Ranger and Saba were using teamwork to fight their opponents. White Ranger would match each Trooper with fists and kicks whilst Saba shot them with his eye beams.

Brasso prided himself on his skills with his personal weapon. So far he had used it to block, trip and stab the Red and Green Rangers. Despite their improved battle skills they were no-match for him. In a flash of silver Silvo appeared beside his fellow soldier.

“I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again Green Ranger,” Silvo said.

Sam winced as he remembered the last time they had face each other. But this time he was a full Ranger and he had the advantage.

“Green Ranger Armour!” he called.

The powerful armour Saurian had told him about appeared and started to fit around his Ranger uniform. Mechanical boosters in the joints increased his Ranger abilities tenfold. Leaping at Silvo, he struck hard with a double axe handle. A lariat took the henchman off his feet. With his opponent down the Green Ranger allowed himself a moment to indulge his desire for revenge. Activating the armour’s motors, he started to fire punch after punch in rapid succession. He stopped before the temptation to keep hitting even emerged. The Green Ranger was in full control and knew Silvo had had enough.

“Red Ranger Armour!”

A medieval knight’s armour dropped to the ground in front of Red Ranger. As with the other powers the Rangers had used, the armour was capable of adapting to modern standards. The back of the armour opened, allowing Red Ranger to step into his armour. Once inside the armour closed around him. Stronger and now impervious to Brasso’s spear, Red Ranger still maintained his speed advantage over the Validium henchman.

As Brasso lunged forward with his spear Red Ranger moved to the side, lifted his opponent into the air and let him drop to the ground. The armour naturally enhanced each punch or kick he landed. As he lashed out with a thrust kick, Brasso was sent flying into the back of Silvo.

Stone Henge, England

“No!” Minion shouted. “They shall not win. Silvo, Brasso, grow!”

Angel Grove Park,

Black light surrounded Brasso and Silvo as they started to grow larger. The fallen Robo Troopers vanished as the two henchmen tried to flatten the Rangers with their feet.

“Billy, Kimberly, we’re going to need you,” Red Ranger called. “We need Ninja Zord power, now!”

As Blue and Pink Rangers reappeared next to their fellow Rangers a beam of light shot from their chests. In the sky above the eight Ninja Zords appeared, answering the calls of their respective Rangers.

“Okay Rangers, bring them together,” Red Ranger instructed. “Ninja MegaFalconzord!”

“Ninja Battlezord!” Green Ranger called.

The Crane started to fold to form the head while at the same time the Frog transformed to become the legs and the Bear converted to become the Ninja MegaFalconzord’s upper body. The already modified Ape and Wolf joined onto the Bear to form the arms as the Crane linked on to become the head. Then the whole upper body joined onto the Frog as the Falcon Zord linked onto the back. Hands formed over the Ape and Wolf’s heads.

The Panther Zord transformed to stand upright on its hind legs. The head rotated downwards to become the chest and the front paws became the arms. The Hawk Zord’s wings and head folded into the body as the Hawk Zord joined onto the shoulders of the Panther to become the head of the Ninja Battlezord. The Panther’s tail converted into a Power Sword as Purple and Green Rangers slid into the cockpit ready for action.

Green and Purple Ranger insisted they be allowed to take on Silvo. Both had been on the receiving end of his strikes in the past and enjoyed the opportunity to get even. That left the Ninja MegaFalconzord to deal with Brasso.

Brasso charged the large Zord with his spear, hoping to run it through with a single blow. The MegaFalconzord responded by lifting off the ground, extending its left leg out fully and performing a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree spin. The spin caught Brasso on the side of the head, throwing the henchman to the ground.

The Battlezord and Silvo were equally matched in size. As Silvo tried to slip his sword beneath the Battlezord’s defences, the Zord responded with a punch to Silvo’s chest.

“Battle Strike!” Green and Purple Rangers called.

Silvo had seen the effects of the Battlezord’s attack and wanted no part of it. In a flash of silver he left the area, leaving Brasso alone against two powerful Zords.

Brasso knew he was outnumbered and decided a change of tactic was required. The metal skin appeared to melt as it transformed. Spikes appeared around the shoulders and knees. The spear in his hand transformed into a trident, which he threw at the rapidly approaching Zords.

The trident struck the Ninja MegaFalconzord in the chest producing a shower of sparks. Blue Ranger checked and reported they had suffered slight damage, but not enough to slow them down. Brasso followed up by firing the spikes on his shoulders at the Battlezord.

“Take us airborne,” Red Ranger said.

Pink Ranger took control of the Ninja MegaFalconzord and launched the Zord into the air and proceeded to divert Brasso’s attention, allowing the Battlezord to attack.

“Battle Strike!” the Green and Purple Rangers called a second time.

As Brasso looked back towards the Battlezord the other Rangers took the opportunity to move in from behind and grab hold of his arms. Now locked in position Brasso fell victim to the Battlezord’s sword. As he staggered away the MegaFalconzord launched into the air to finish its opponent, driving both fists into the henchman’s body to destroy the Brasso.

Power Chamber,

A few hours later

After securing Dex in the medical bay the Rangers had contacted his family in Leewood to tell them he was safe. Billy had gone to find a way to coat any future Robo Troopers they encountered with the chemical to highlight their weaknesses, Jason, Sam and Zack had gone to the Simulation Deck to practice, leaving David, Tanya, Kim and Trini together. Trini excused herself saying something about tracking Billy down. David and the others hung around the Power Chamber for a while before leaving for their homes.

With the Rangers gone Zordon had the chance to use his powers to guide the other Zords to Earth. He just hoped they would not be needed.

Trini walked into the second Zord holding bay and noticed Billy working on something. He was operating some lifting equipment to move the remains of the Gem Coin Zords around. Trini noticed some scaffolding had been set up nearby and a wielding rig was already in operation.

“Billy?” she asked.

“Up here,” he called, materialising in a control booth above the holding bay.

Trini teleported up to where Billy was working. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I am attempting to establish the possibility of restoring the Gem Coin Zords to operational capability,” Billy replied.

“Why are you talking techno-babble Billy?” Trini asked. After the time they had spent on the team together she knew he only did so when he was worried or scared.

“I’m wondering about my replica,” he admitted. “What made him betray the others? What could Minion have offered him?”

Trini could tell there was more to the problem than Billy was letting on, but decided to drop the subject and try to cheer him up instead.

“Do you think you can fix them?”

“Affirmative,” Billy replied. “The auto repair bay should be able to restore them to full power.”

“Then why don’t we go find the others?” Trini suggested.

Before Billy could protest, she teleported them both away from the control room and back to the training room where they rejoined their friends and tried to relax.

Stone Henge,

10 July 1996,

Minion had refrained from attacking the Rangers for a couple of days, giving them a chance to come to terms with their victory over his Robo Troopers. The loss of Brasso had been a severe blow and highlighted a need to deal with the new Rangers quickly.

~Or at least their Zords,~ he thought.

Opening a portal to his Training Dimension he walked through. Ignoring the Psycho Rangers, who were training Minion, continued into the workshop area. Here General Havoc’s Chromites were working on the Zords he had captured from other dimensions.

The Dino, Thunder, Ninja and Shogun Megazords were all being modified. Next to them were the Zeo Zords that Bronzo was altering to operate from the Lin Kuei Crystal. Further along still were a number of sets of Zords based on race cars, rescue vehicles and space ships.

Further down was a set of Megazords that Biilly had been building based on the Gem Coin Zords. Although nowhere near as powerful as the other Zords, Minion decided to keep them handy in case they were needed. At the moment though he had no interest in Biilly’s creations.

It was the last set of Zords that interested him. Taken from a lost galaxy in a parallel dimension the Zords were perhaps the most suitable for his needs, providing he could melt some of them down and modify the others to work with his Rangers’ powers.

Now standing in front of him was the end result. Three Megazords and one Carrier Zord had been modified to become eight individual Zords and one Carrier Zord, powered by the Shark, stood ready for action. The Red Gorilla, Yellow Scorpion, Pink Cougar, Black Rhino, White Vulture, Green Jaguar, Blue Jackal and Purple Condor stood ready to destroy the Power Rangers.

“Silvo, come here!”

“Yes master?” Silvo asked.

“Take the first eight Psycho Rangers and go to London. I want the city levelled. If the Rangers appear, have the Psychos battle them.”

“As you wish,” Silvo said as he vanished.

Minion’s mind returned to more pleasant tasks, such as breaking the former Zeo Rangers. Killing them was not enough. Minion wanted them to suffer and go on suffering long after he had finished with them. An idea formed in his mind and Minion decided the time was fast approaching when he would end the games.


“Yes Minion?” Bronzo asked as he appeared.

“Recover the remains of Brasso and Cyclopsis. Then I want you to go to Angel Grove and collect this.” Minion showed Bronzo a picture of his target. “Do not fail me Bronzo.”

“As you command,” Bronzo said disappearing.

Silvo led the Psycho Rangers on a firelight tour of London. Making their way toward the Houses of Parliament they took the opportunity to destroy some local landmarks. Their activities did not go undetected by Zordon who sent the Rangers into action.

“Hold it right there!” Red Ranger ordered.

“What do you want?” Psycho Red asked. “We already beat your friends.”

“You beat a team of half-powered Rangers,” Blue Ranger shot back.

“And now you get to face the real thing,” Black Ranger added.

“Because you have no idea who we are,” Yellow Ranger stated.

“We’re the Power Rangers,” Pink Ranger told them.

“And you are history,” White Ranger finished.

Green Ranger didn’t need to say anything. He drew his blade Blaster and waited for the uncertain Psycho Rangers to attack. After a moment’s hesitation the Psycho Rangers attacks.

At first the battle was similar to the first fight between the Gem Coin Rangers and the Psycho Rangers. Then the Rangers started to fight back, shifting the battle in their favour.

“Power Sword!” Red Ranger called.

After a brief battle with Psycho Red he took his opponent of his feet and drove the Power Sword into Psycho Red’s armour. Psycho Red collapsed to the ground; the Power Sword still embedded in his chest. Before Red Ranger could celebrate, Psycho Red pulled the sword clear and threw it to the ground before striking his enemy with a backhand.

Yellow Ranger and Psycho Yellow circled each other cautiously, trying to determine the other’s skill and range of attack. Whilst Yellow Ranger relied on Kung Fu, Psycho Yellow used ninja like movements to throw the Yellow Ranger around.

“Ninja Ranger Power!” Trini called.

Now in the lighter ninja outfit Trini was able to match the Psycho Ranger move for move. As Psycho Yellow grabbed her Trini vanished, leaving behind her uniform. Seconds later she kicked Psycho Yellow in the back of the head.

White Ranger was the most inexperienced on the battlefield and was having trouble fighting against Psycho White. When the battle changed from physical strength to mental powers, David realised just how much he needed to learn.

“Concentrate White Ranger.” David had been struck so hard by Psycho White’s barrage, he had forgotten he was holding Saba. “Just let the Power guide you. See your enemy’s power and deflect it with your mind.”

White Ranger did as he was told, imagining a circle of white light protecting him from Psycho White’s attack. With a slight nudge he sent the power flowing the other way.

“Good,” Saba said, his British accent fitting in perfectly with the Londoners watching the battle. “Now imagine lifting him off his feet.”

White Ranger did so, noticing a spectral image of the Falcon appeared behind Psycho White and lifted him into the sky. White Ranger knew what to do next, bringing his arm back he threw Saba at Psycho White.

White Ranger looked around as he heard the shouts of Green Ranger fighting his Psycho Ranger counterpart. Psycho Green had drawn a weapon resembling the Dragon Dagger and was swiping wildly at Green Ranger. The Green Ranger responded by using his magic powers to strike the Psycho Ranger with electricity. Both of them performed a flying drop kick, striking each other in mid air. Both fell to the ground, neither moving.

Somehow Black Ranger had been driven back towards the Thames. He knew that was not a good idea, especially if there were more Psycho Rangers lurking around.

“Power Axe!”

Using his dance moves to keep the Psycho Ranger guessing Black Ranger finally attacked, striking Psycho Black in the hip. Converting to Cosmic Cannon mode he opened fire.

Psycho Black laughed as he pulled out his own axe and swung at Black Ranger. Zack ducked, grateful that his armour was stronger than the original Ranger uniforms. A second blow from Psycho Black almost decapitated him. As the Psycho Ranger prepared for a third attempt Black Ranger used his powers to summon a new attack of his own.

“Black Ranger Thunder Clap!”

Black Ranger used the disruption caused by his attack to open fire with his Cosmic Cannon a second time. This time Psycho Black fell down.

“We have to keep them away from Parliament,” Blue Ranger shouted as Purple and Pink Rangers moved to his side.

For Blue and Pink Ranger it was a team they had perfected during their early days as Rangers. Purple Ranger complemented the team by following Blue Ranger’s lead. Together they provided cover against Psycho Blue, Purple and Pink’s assaults, allowing Pink Ranger to aim and fire her arrows.

Psycho Blue and Purple copied their counterparts whilst Psycho Pink returned fire. It became obvious the Psycho Rangers were not as seasoned as the Power Rangers were. Although they were able to work together, they had not mastered being able to read each other’s moves. The result was Psycho Pink being struck when Psycho Purple failed to cover her.

“Enough playing,” Psycho Blue said, his voice sounding like Rocky. “Psycho Guns!”

Together the Psycho Rangers charged, their blaster shots burning into the Rangers’ armour. Launching into the air, the Psycho Rangers pounced on their Ranger counterparts.

Pink Ranger discovered that at close range Psycho Pink was the better fight. Nothing she did seemed able to penetrate the Psycho Ranger’s defences. Psycho Pink casually dismissed Pink Ranger with a flick of her wrist.

Purple Ranger and Psycho Purple were involved in a match of Nunchuks, both of them aware of the other’s intentions. Purple Ranger remembered the Nunchuks were used as a bludgeon for close attacks. If Psycho Purple got close enough and decided to use the weapon in that way, Purple Ranger would not be able to defend herself.

Psycho Purple was equally aware of the threat from Purple Ranger. Twisting the handle of her weapon, she revealed a set of spikes set into the handle. With the blades fully revealed they resembled a small chain mace.

Purple Ranger saw what was coming, but it was already too late to react. The chain mace cut into her armour allowing Psycho Purple to disarm her opponent.


Blue Ranger drove his shoulder into Psycho Purple, driving her away from Purple Ranger and giving his teammate time to recover. Noticing that Psycho Blue was in pursuit, Billy decided that a change of uniform was in order.

“Ninja Ranger Power!”

Once in his ninja outfit Billy called on his ninja powers to help him. After Earth Swimming to a position under Psycho Blue he emerged, Power Lance in hand. Spinning the lance as he emerged caused Psycho Blue to collapse to the ground.

Psycho Blue punched Billy in the stomach as he got to his feet. “We’re not done yet Blue Ranger,” he promised. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together you and I. Right before I finish you.”

“Not today you won’t,” a voice said.

Psycho Blue turned to see the other Rangers with their Blade Blaster drawn and ready to fire.

“Psycho Blue, withdraw,” Silvo ordered as he vanished along with the other Psycho Rangers.

“I’ll be back Billy,” Psycho Blue said as he vanished. “You can bet on it.”

Prison Sub-dimension, Stone Henge

“Report,” Minion said as Bronzo and Silvo walked into the Prison Dimension.

“The Rangers almost succeeded in defeating the Psycho Rangers,” Silvo said. “They managed to save London. However I have no doubt the Psychos would have won had you not recalled them.”

“Maybe,” Minion said thoughtfully. “But if I had not recalled them the Rangers stood a chance of winning. We will start a new strategy with the Rangers, pick them off one by one. I think we’ll start with Kimberly.”

“As you wish my Lord,” Silvo said as he hurried away to make arrangements.

“And you, Bronzo?”

“I have recovered the remains of Brasso and Cyclopsis as you ordered. The human you wanted is here and waiting for judgement.”

“Bring him,” Minion said.

He walked past the VR Troopers and Beetleborgs. They would be next, but first it was time for finish crushing the Zeo Rangers.

“Release them,” Minion said, gesturing to the various devices the Rangers had been strapped to.

Bronzo did as he was told, throwing the Rangers to the ground at his master’s feet. Minion waited for the Rangers to recover enough to hear his words.

“For the last few days I have tortured you all and enjoyed every moment of it. But now, I think to myself am I being fair? I’ve had ample opportunity to kill you and I have not allowed any of you to take a single shot at me.”

Reaching into subspace, he pulled out a collection of fully charged blasters. He threw them to the ground in front of the Rangers.

“For a count of six I will drop my defences and allow you to take as many shots at me as you wish. I should warn you one would be enough to kill me. Should you succeed you will be teleported back to Angel Grove.”

He looked at the Rangers lying on the floor, each displaying various states of comprehension. Adam’s face was a blank. The boy had withdrawn so far into himself Minion doubted anything would draw him out again. Tommy simply stared, his face filled with a mixture of fear and hatred.

“I can see you all need a little encouragement. Bronzo, pass me our guest.”

Bronzo pushed a young boy towards Minion. Tommy recognised him as one of the children he trained in martial arts.

“You know I have been to other dimensions and in some of them this runt is actually a Ranger,” Minion said. “Well here’s the deal, when I reach six either you will have shot me or this little boy will be dead.”

“No,” Tommy begged. “Don’t do it.”

“One…” Adam stared stupidly at the weapon in front of him.

“Two…” Trey reached out to the blaster. He wondered why everything was suddenly moving in slow motion.

“Three…” Kat’s fingers touched his blaster and stayed there, unmoving. He wondered suddenly why he’d put them there.

“Four…” Rocky tried to reason it. He had the blaster in his hand; all he had to do was shoot. So why couldn’t he?”

“Five…” Aisha realised she was terrified, afraid of failing, afraid of dying. Sobbing, she let the gun fall.

Minion had not lied to the Rangers. A single shot would be enough to kill him. All the Rangers had to do was fire. ~I hope I have not underestimated them,~ he thought as he reached six. The Rangers only had second left. A simple movement and it would all be over.

Around the world the entire population watched the events unfolding inside Minion’s sub-dimension. The images formed in the sky, on computer and television screens. The people of Earth watched as their former heroes the Zeo Rangers were subjected to their most crushing blow ever.

The signal Minion sent out was transmitted to UAE headquarters where Dark Specter and his underlings watched the events with interest. On Eltare and the other council worlds the officials looked on as the story started to unfold.

In front of their very eyes, people around the universe watched the Gem Coin/Zeo Rangers valiantly fight against Minion. They saw the Rangers lose in battle thanks to a traitor within their own ranks. They even saw the torture the Rangers had been forced to go through in a dimension where time passed slower than in the real world.

Then to the horror of those watching from outside Minion changed his tactics once again. Deciding that death was not a suitable punishment for the Rangers, he decided to leave them as mere shells of the once proud protectors of Earth and sworn enemies of evil.

The images showed Minion walking past his prisoners. He ignored the Beetleborgs and VR Troopers who appeared in the powered forms to the people of Earth and moved to where the Rangers were being held.

“Bronzo, release them,” Minion said, gesturing to the various devices the Rangers had been strapped to.

In the Power Chamber the other Rangers watched as Bronzo did as he was told, throwing the Rangers to the ground at his master’s feet. They watched as Minion waited for the Rangers to recover enough to hear his words.

On Triforia the Trey’s family and subjects watched as their leader was tortured on the rack, resisting the urge to scream in agony until his limbs were almost ripped from their joints.

Sergeant Park watched the Red Ranger being constantly punched in the ribs, his bones cracking from the impact. He noticed the Green Ranger sitting on the floor unable to help his friends, but was unaware the Ranger in question was his son. He did not like the Power Rangers and he was honest enough to admit the fact. He viewed them as a group of show off college students who placed the population of Angel Grove at risk. However, he would never wish such treatment upon anybody, the Rangers included.

Chelsea Oliver however knew she was watching her brother being beaten. She broke into tears as she saw the Robo Trooper strike him repeatedly. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked round to see Ernie standing behind her. From the tear in his eye she could tell he was as worried about the Rangers as she was.

“For the last few days I have tortured you all and enjoyed every moment of it,” Minion was saying. “But now, I think to myself am I being fair? I’ve had ample opportunity to kill you and I have not allowed any of you to take a single shot at me.”

Reaching into subspace, he pulled out a collection of fully charged blasters. He threw them to the ground in front of the Rangers.

“For a count of six I will drop my defences and allow you to take as many shots at me as you wish. I should warn you one would be enough to kill me. Should you succeed you will be teleported back to Angel Grove.”

He stopped talking, apparently trying to see whether the Rangers would respond to his offer. When there was no reply he seemed to grow irritated.

“He must be up to something,” Zack said as he watched the scenes on the Viewing Screen along with the other Rangers, Zordon and Alpha.

“I concur with Zack’s statement,” Billy said.

His eyes were red like the rest of the Rangers. Seeing the others tortured and being unable to help was upsetting everyone. Kimberly had taken it hard, but the worse case was Sam. Being a clone watching what Minion was doing to Tommy was like Minion was doing it to him. At present, both Sam and Jason were having trouble keeping their anger under control.

“Billy, is there any way we can get them out?” Trini asked.

“Negative,” Billy told her.

Trini looked over at Tanya. The Purple Ranger was staring at Adam. It was obvious Minion had chosen to torture him by hurting his friends.

“I can see you all need a little encouragement. Bronzo, pass me our guest.” On the screen Bronzo pushed a young boy towards Minion. Tanya recognized him as one of the children that Tommy and Rocky trained in martial arts.

“You know I have been to other dimensions and in some of them this runt is actually a Ranger,” Minion said. The ordinary people of Earth did not hear that comment. All they knew was a young boy had been abducted and was about to be killed.

“Well here’s the deal, when I reach six either you will have shot me or this little boy will be dead.”

“No,” the Red Ranger begged. “Don’t do it.”

It seemed so weird to see the proud and noble leader of the Power Rangers begging. The outrage felt by millions was concentrated on one being and his name was Minion.

“One…” The Green Ranger seemed to move and then change his mind.

Outside of Stone Henge, UNIT attempted a last minute raid, but was unable to break through the barrier. The Brigadier called in the heavy artillery, deciding Minion had gone too far.

“Two…” The Gold Ranger reached out to the blaster. His mother, watching from Triforia could see him straining to prevent himself from sinking into despair.

On Onyx the entire ruling council of the UAE watch in anticipation. This was going to be the Ranger greatest humiliation ad the start of final victory.

“Three…” Pink Ranger’s fingers touched her blaster and stayed there, unmoving. In the Power Chamber the Rangers could see the indecision on her face.

“Four…” Blue Ranger held the gun in his hand, his finger on the verge of pulling the trigger.

Billy moved over to the control panel where the Zeo Crystal was standing fully charged. An idea started to form and he wondered if he had enough time.

“Five…” The Yellow Ranger dropped her ground. Those who could see her face were able to see the tears. Those who could see only her mask could hear the sobbing noises behind.

Billy desperately connected the Zeo Crystal to the teleport system, hoping to boost the signal through the Rangers’ Zeonisers and either teleport in or bring the Rangers and the boy out.


Just as the population of thousands of world throughout the universe were about to write the Zeo Rangers off, the Green Ranger raised his blaster and took careful aim. The other Rangers followed his lead and aimed their weapons as well. People throughout the world watched anxiously as they wondered whether their heroes could beat the odds.

Minion pushed his fist into the boy’s neck, ready to snap it. One quick jerk and it would all be over. His eyes glowed brightly as he made his viewers wait to find out what would happen.

A flash of light, the sound of blaster fire and it was all over. The images faded leaving billions of living beings wondering exactly what happened in the Prison Sub-dimension.


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