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Testing Times

“They are the force that stands between Earth and conquest at the hands of the forces of evil. They are powered by magic and technology complimented by awesome fighting machines known as Zords. First they were the avatars of the Morphin Grid, then the Zeo Crystal and now thanks to the intervention of the Gold Ranger, Gem Coins.

For years they have defended their planet, never allowing their fear to get the better of them. But now…

They stand frozen, fear paralysing them and preventing any movement. They know now it is the time of their deaths. The only sound they can hear as their pitiful lives flash in front of their eyes is the blood chilling and merciless battle cry of the Psycho Rangers!

At my command the Psychos attack, their one goal to destroy every last Ranger. It takes longer than expected, but at the end of the day the Power Rangers of Earth are destroyed.

Tommy dies first. As leader of the Zeo Rangers it is a devastating blow to the others’ morale. Still morphed and drawing on the Power, Tommy becomes a weapon my Red Psycho can use against Aisha. Two down with less than a single blow. Rocky dies next. He believed he could hold his own against Blue Psycho, but against Yellow and Purple as well? No chance. HE screams in agony as they rip him apart.

The two remaining Rangers try to summon their Power Cannon and fire. Even if White Psycho felt the blast, she does not show it. Using her mental powers she lifts the weapon and hands it to Gold Psycho. He charges it with energy and then blasts the remaining Rangers, knocking them to their knees. Silver Psycho finishes them; her Psycho Whip wrapped around their necks. With a small jerk, she cuts through their necks. I laugh as they collapse to the ground.”

Minion sat back and watched the tape of his Rangers in action again. He enjoyed adding the commentary it made him feel like he had been there and fought with them. It was a pity that the Psycho Rangers’ opponents were not the real Rangers. If they had of been, he expected they would still have won. But he needed a real test. He could just capture the Rangers from another world and put them into battle. The trouble was Earth’s Rangers were unique. Nobody had expected them to last five minutes against Rita Repulsa. And yet they had faced not only Rita, but also Zedd and Mondo.

In the end he decided to take a collection of Rangers, but not from anywhere apart from Earth and the now dead world of Aquitar. Instead of going to different worlds, the victims had been pulled into Minion’s reality through the Dimensional Vortex he had created using Stone Henge. He had gone to separate realities, taking the Dino Rangers from one, the Thunder Rangers from another, the Ninja Rangers and Alien Rangers from a third dimension, the Zeo Rangers from another and brought them to his training site deep within North Valley.

The little town had served its purpose as a source of raw material for his foot soldiers, but now served as a storage area and training ground for his troops. Minion had used his power to convince the captured Rangers they were part of the same team. He had given them a chance to organise themselves and the ability to call on their Zords if needed.

Then it had simply been a case of sitting back and allowing the Psycho Rangers to prove themselves worthy. They had performed as expected. “Prepare to go again,” he ordered as he sat back enjoying the show.

“Twenty-nine Rangers, representing all their former incarnations stand terrified, unsure how they should react. Twenty-nine of them versus ten Psycho Rangers, they know they don’t have a chance, even when Ninjor and the mighty Auric the Conqueror join them. They stand together, terrified by the blood chilling cries of the Psycho Rangers.”


“You ready?” Blue Borg asked.

“Yes,” Green and Red Borg replied together.

All three of them cautiously made their way into the crypt Vexor had been using as a base. They knew he was long gone, but needed to check just the same. Although the idea of no longer being Beetle Borgs was devastating, but if it meant the Earth was safe then that wasn’t so bad after all.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here,” a sinister yet familiar voice said.

The three Borgs turned to see Shadow Borg walk into the room. “Hello Kiddies, I’m back!”

“You, but you’re dead. We destroyed you,” Blue Borg said anger showing in his voice.

“What can I say Drew? I got better.”

Without another word he blasted the three Beetleborgs with his gun. He snap kicked Green Borg and punched Red Borg in the chest, sending her to the ground.

“Why don’t you try Mega Blue?” he asked Drew. Then shrugging he smashed the Blue Borg in the face. “On second thoughts, don’t.”

Three crystals appeared in his hand and he placed one on each Borg. Drew looked up in time to see the Queen of the Crown looking down at him. “I think we’re in trouble,” he murmured.

Neither Roland nor Jo were able to reply.

Power Chamber

“You guys ready?” Biilly asked.

“Go for it Man,” Tommy replied.

~Ah well, here goes,~ Biilly thought to himself. “Ladies and Gentlemen; Boys and Girls; Power Rangers of all ages. Power Mountain proudly presents to you the newest Defenders of the world; the Sky Zords flying high, the Defender Zords all round and Techno Zords as backup!”

Biilly looked at Tommy’s face and could not help laughing. The blast of pure energy Zordon had given him had altered his personality to the extent now where his only resemblance to Billy was his intelligence. He knew for a fact Billy would never have said such a thing, in fact it sounded like something a degenerate might say.

“Look,” Biilly said, sounding serious again. “The Ninja MegaFalconzord you are using is only a prototype and not meant to work with your powers. These three sets of Zords are meant to act as replacements. They’re limited in power, so we created three sets for you.”

As the Rangers watched, five fighter craft roared over head, each in the colour of a different Ranger. Although they resembled fighter jets, Tommy imagined they were many times more powerful. Next came a selection of rescue vehicles, an ambulance, a police car, rescue helicopter, a police motorcycle and a fire engine. Finally came a set of futuristic type vehicles. First was a type of plane, followed closely by another plane with a cannon on each side of the cockpit, then a sleek car, a covered motorcycle and finally a high-powered dune buggy.

“These Zords don’t have any names and before you ask, yes they are a bit small for Zords.” Biilly pressed a control and watched as the Zords grew. “Each Zord can either be piloted or work by remote control. In addition the Megazords can work with only two Rangers, except the Techno Megazord, which can operate with one Ranger, so you can have all three sets operating at the same time.”

“What’s that big thing over there?” Trey asked, pointing to a large plane that was heading towards them.

“That’s the Drop Zord,” Biilly explained. “When you need Megazord power, you will find it invaluable.”

Let’s give it a try,” Tommy said. “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Crane!”

“Zeo Ranger II – Bear!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Ape!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Frog!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Falcon!”

Trey did not morph. Instead he teleported back to the Power Chamber and watched the events unfolding below. “How do they call them?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Biilly said. Unlike previous Zords, the powers would not tell them how to call them. “The Sky Zords form Megazord I, the Defender Zords are Megazord II and the Techno Zords are Megazord III. To call them just say ‘we need Gem Coin Megazord power,” he advised the others.

“We need Gem Coin Megazord power, now!” the Rangers called.

Almost immediately a link was established between them and the new Zords, knowledge of the weapon systems was transferred into the Rangers’ minds.

“Megazord I, power up!” Zeo Crane called.

The five planes reverted to their normal size and flew towards her. Then at the right time, they switched upright and headed towards the sky. The White plane’s nose cone retracted into the cockpit to be replaced by a head, the wings folded toward the bottom of the plane and the fuselage shrunk to half its normal size. The Pink and Yellow planes transformed into the arms, and the Red and Black planes formed then legs. As the Zord touched down it grew in size until it resembled a normal Megazord.

“Drop Zord, now!” Zeo Crane ordered. The plane flew past; dropping the fists, feet and chest plate of the Megazord as it did so.

“Gem Coin Megazord I, online!” Zeo Crane ordered.

“Megazord activated,” a computerised voice. From his position in the Power Chamber, Biilly smiled. Only one of the original Rangers or Tommy would appreciate the joke. The voice was based on the computer inside the original Megazord. Adding the voice had made the Zord seem friendlier.

“Kat, call on the SFC,” Biilly advised. The Pink Gem Coin Ranger did as she was told and a long rifle appeared on the Zord’s right arm. “Now try flying.”

Zeo Crane did as she was told, but found it difficult to control the whole Megazord in flight. Biilly watched the readings and swore in disgust. “Damn, I should have known the interface was too weak. We need another Ranger.”

“How about you?” Trey asked.

“No good,” Biilly replied. “The power is Zeo based. I need someone who has been a Zeo Ranger.”

“Why not ask Trey,” Zordon offered. It had been the first time the giant head had spoken for a while

“I can reconfigure the spare Sky Zord to link with the Megazord,” Alpha suggested.

“All right, do it,” Biilly said after a moment’s thought. He knew the Zord would not have enough power to link with Trey. It still needed a part of the Morphin Grid. “Trey, morph and give me your Super Zeo Gem.”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold.”

Trey did as Biilly asked and Biilly disappeared into the depths of the Power Chamber. Trey took that as an invitation to go.

“Sky Zord Gold, power up!”

It took a few minutes to get used to the Zord. It was more manoeuvrable than either Pyramidas or Super Zeo Zord X. In most ways it resembled the other jets, except that the wings had been inverted so they curved towards the nose instead of the tail.

The Power told Trey exactly what to do as he arrived next to Megazord I. “Winged Megazord mode, now!”

The nose cone of his Zord flipped over onto the top on the plane. The wings moved nearer the cockpit and both of the engines deactivated. The Megazord hovered just above the ground as the sixth part clamped into place.

“Your Zords are now reconfigured,” Zordon advised. “Congratulations Trey and Kat, you are the new pilots of Gem Coin Megazord I, the Sky Megazord.”

“You ready Adam?” Biilly asked over the communicator, his voice sounding distorted.

Adam looked at Rocky and when the other boy nodded he called out, “Gem Coin Megazord II, power up!”

The fire engine’s cab rolled up and over the top to reveal the Megazord’s head, the rest of it shifting shape to form the body. The helicopter’s rotor blade flew of as the tail detached itself allowing the helicopter to form the right arm. The ambulance attached itself to the left side of the body and the motorcycle and police car formed the legs.

Once again the Drop Zord appeared, releasing the hands, feet and chest shield for the Defender Megazord. When the Megazord was complete the rotor blades and tail transformed into a Power Sword.

“Megazord II, activated,” the computer reported.

“Impressive,” Rocky said, testing the reflexes of his Zord.

“You can combine the Megazord with the Drop Zord if you need to,” Biilly told them. “Tommy, Aisha, your turn.”

“Gem Coin Megazord III, form up!” Zeo Bear and Zeo Falcon called together.

The two planes flew away from them for a moment, but soon appeared again with a large gun emplacement in tow. The high speed of the two jets caused the chains dragging the emplacement lift off the ground. As it drew near the chains were released. The gun detached itself from the emplacement, allowing it to form the lower body onto which the larger of the two planes formed to create the upper torso, shoulders and head. The dune buggy and motorbike transformed into the arms and the other plane and car formed the legs.

A panel opened on the lower back of the Megazord from which the hands and feet for the Megazord were released along with the chest panel. The gun had in the meantime split in half and appeared in each hand.

“Biilly, Alpha, Zordon, you’ve excelled yourselves,” Zeo Falcon said.

“Thank you, Tommy,” Zordon replied. “However Billy deserves most of the credit for the construction of the Zords and the integration of your powers.”

“We’ll head back to the Power Chamber and wait for a chance to use them,” Zeo Falcon said.

The Rangers powered down and returned to their base. It had been a long time since hey had last had any real time off. Minion’s attacks just kept intensifying and the Rangers were starting to wear down. In a way, Tommy wished they could break the rules and teleport to Stone Henge and finish the villain once and for all. That was not an option though and Tommy knew it.

As they left, the Rangers failed to notice the brown figure teleporting back to report to Minion. Brasso had considered taking the Rangers on himself, but that was what monsters were for.

North Valley

At his command the Psycho Rangers charged. Each of them armed with weapons based around their powers. Despite odds of almost ten to one, they proved who the superior warriors were. Red Psycho used his sword to battle the Red Dino, Red Thunder Ranger and Red Aquitian Ranger. In a single sweep, he killed the Red Thunder Ranger, handing the fallen Ranger’s helmet to his teammates. Drawing his sword back he drove it into the Red Aquitian Ranger’s chest.

Pink Psycho found herself facing Pink Dino, Pink Thunder and Pink Ninja. Minion had not bothered checking who was inside the Ranger costumes, but he could tell from the attack that all three Pink Rangers were in reality Kimberly. As they moved, they unleashed a volley of arrows. Pink Psycho ignored the arrows, drawing her own bow and returning fire. Whereas the Rangers’ arrows could not pierce Pink Psycho’s armour, the energy arrows she fired back had no problem against their spandex suits.

The Pink Dino Ranger took a shot to the centre of her chest. The Thunder and Ninja versions managed to avoid a direct hit but were thrown into the air by the concussion blast from the arrows.

Black Psycho did not bother fighting back. He was only facing Black Aquitian and Black Dino Ranger. As they hacked away, he watched the others fight, making it obvious how boring he found his opponents. Black Dino managed to get his attention by firing the Cosmic Cannon at point blank range. Black Psycho’s reaction was to demonstrate his own axe. Swinging at both the Black Rangers he turned the axe so the blade was under his arm and fired an energy blast. Black Dino’s body swayed for a moment and then collapsed to the ground, his bones and organs reduced to ashes leaving only the uniform.

Yellow Psycho had already finished playing with the Yellow Dino and Ninja Rangers. She discarded them both, retrieving her deadly Psycho Daggers as she did so. She turned as Yellow Aquitian brought his sword down across her head, laughing at his pitiful attempt to break her armour. She did not even bother drawing her daggers, choosing instead to grab him by the neck and choke the life out of his worthless body.

White Psycho was one of the most powerful of Minion’s creations. She found himself facing the White Thunder, Ninja and Aquitian Rangers. The fact they were some of the most powerful Rangers combined with them all having the experience of leading the Rangers in battle was of little help to them. White Psycho’s weapon had no physical form. Instead she lashed out with her mental powers, strangling the White Ninja and White Aquitian Ranger. White Thunder Ranger charged at her, holding both his sword and the blade belonging to the White Ninja Ranger. He placed the swords in an ‘X’ shape and struck White Psycho in the chest.

The sword fired a bolt of plasma, at the White Rangers’ command scorching the White Psycho’s armour. With the back of her hand she slapped the White Ninja Ranger, knocking him aside.

Green Dino along with Green Zeo and Blue Zeo had formulated a plan. Green Zeo jumped high, bringing his Power Hatchets down across Green Psycho’s shoulders. At the same time, Green Dino drove his Dragon Dagger into the Psycho’s chest. This allowed Blue Zeo to use his Zeo Axe and spin towards his opponent, ending by driving the blade into the Psycho’s chest. All three of them moved away and watched, expecting to see their opponent fall to the ground and explode.

But when the Rangers looked at their weapons, they were horrified to see they had disintegrated against the Psycho’s hardened shell. The Psycho Ranger did not even offer the Rangers a second try. It ran at them, jumped over their heads and snapped their necks with a quick movement.

Somehow Yellow Thunder had managed to summon the Power Cannon and fired it at the Gold Psycho. Gold Zeo joined in using his Golden Power Staff and Yellow Zeo summoned the Zeo Cannon and added her own firepower to the mix. Gold Psycho held out his left hand, absorbing the energy through his palm. The energy flowed though his body to his right hand in which appeared a boomerang.

A blade containing their own powers struck the three Rangers, causing all three to fall to the ground and demorph.

“Excuse me, my lord.” The voice caused Minion to turn away from the simulated battle towards his second henchman.

“What is it Brasso?” Minion asked.

“The Queen of the Crown reports she has succeeded in capturing the Beetleborgs and is draining their power as we speak.”

“She is at Stone Henge?” Minion asked.

“Yes, draining the power into the Dark Dimension.”

“Very good, what of Mandarin and Golobulus?”

“Both have completed their tasks and are on their way back to Stone Henge as we speak.” Brasso hesitated before mentioning the next point. “There is one other matter. The Rangers have acquired three new Megazords.”

“Cranston,” Minion spat angrily. Turning to Brasso he said, “Send a monster to Angel Grove and find out how tough these Zords are. The Rangers are to be allowed no technological advantages. On second thoughts, use one of our three friends’ servants.”

“As you wish,” Brasso replied. Summoning a crystal he picked the monster, a creature known as Grey Gargoyle and deposited it in Angel Grove. If it won, all the better. If not, Brasso could always send another monster.

It was then he sensed a disturbance. Those foolish humans were trying to break through the barrier at Stone Henge again. ~This time I will not be so merciful,~ he thought as he teleported to destroy the latest threat to his master’s plans.

UNIT Mobile Headquarters, Stone Henge, England

The Brigadier waited for his guest to emerge from his staff car. The two soldiers exchanged salutes and then shook hands. In their time both had seen numerous threats from other worlds defeated. Both also had a sound knowledge of the other’s skills and history. What neither realised was, they had both worked with the same man. The Brigadier had employed him as his Scientific Advisor and General Norquist had met him in the future (although Norquist did not know that yet).

“General, it is good to have you here, sir,” the Brigadier began. “I just wish the circumstances were different.”

“As do I,” Norquist replied. “Now what exactly is the problem with this barrier?”

“We can’t penetrate it, sir,” Yates told him. “Every time we attempt to get through this metal guy shows up and starts fighting us.”

“Hmm, I think I might know someone who can help you,” Norquist said after a moment’s thought. “May I borrow your radio?”

The Brigadier found he liked this Yank already. Unlike some of the others the Brigadier had served with Norquist seemed to be smart and able to act quickly.

“This is Norquist to NASADA, come in.”

“NASADA here, please state clearance authorisation and password.”

“What do you mean, password? There is no password and I have already given my authorisation. Who is this?”

The voice on the other end went quiet for a moment then a quieter almost embarrassed voice said. “Sorry sir, we thought it was a joke. Patching you through to Command now, sir.”

The Brigadier smirked as he realised that jokers like Yates and Benton existed around the world.

“We’ll talk about this later,” Norquist warned the radio operator at the other end. “In the meantime don’t put me through to command, I want to be patched through to channel Alpha-five.”

In the Power Chamber a little used communication system came to life.

“This is General Norquist of NASADA calling Zordon of Eltare. Are you there, Zordon?”

Biilly raised an eyebrow as he heard the voice. He had not realised the military on Earth had a direct link to Zordon. He was even more surprised when Zordon answered him.

“This is Zordon. It is good to hear from you, General. My sensors show you are in England.”

“Stone Henge actually. Looks like one of your local trouble makers has decided to take up residence down here.”

“Be careful General, Minion is a dangerous adversary and has already destroyed the Zeo Crystal.” Zordon turned to where Biilly was standing and an idea hit him. “General, I will send you one of my Rangers. He is a clone of an ordinary human, but he has the Power. I am sure he might be able to break through.” He exchanged a look with Biilly. No words were needed; they knew each other well enough by now. Biilly nodded and teleported away to Stone Henge.

“By all means send him,” Norquist said. “Never mind,” he said a moment later when the morphed Blue Ranger appeared outside the stone circle.

“Halt, raise your hands above your head and turn slowly around,” a voice said behind him.

Blue Ranger turned to see a soldier pointing a sub machine gun to his neck. It was a stupid thing to do and Biilly knew it. As long as the gun remained close to his neck Biilly had nothing to fear. So he went back to the task at hand, analysing the barrier.

“I said: raise your hands and turn around!” the soldier shouted angrily. He placed his hand on the Blue Ranger’s shoulder and Biilly reacted.

Besides touching an unknown enemy the soldier’s main problem with placing the gun next to Biily’s neck was that Biilly knew exactly where the gun was at all times and how the soldier was balanced. When he felt the second hand on his shoulder, he knew the soldier was off balance. Using his right leg as a pivot he swung around and swept the leg out with his left leg.

He heard the soldier arm his weapon and knew he had to disarm him. He could have used his martial arts to throw the soldier to the ground and quickly dislodge the magazine from his gun, or wait for him to fire and duck every shot. Biilly however had had enough. He drew his Blade Blaster and fired at the ground. The soldier fell back and dropped his gun. Biilly pointed his blaster at the gun and fired. In a beam of red light the soldier’s weapon disappeared.

“Very well done Ranger,” Brasso said from behind. “Now, you get to die.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, unknown monster attacking Angel Grove,” Alpha said, panic evident in his voice.

The Viewing Screen showed the Grey Gargoyle already grown and attacking the city. Brasso had changed it as it grew. It now had wings and claws, though retained the ability to turn people into stone.

“Alpha, send the Ranger and tell them to use the new Zords if the Ninja MegaFalconzord and Super Zeo Zord X are not enough.”

“They’re on their way Zordon,” Alpha reported.

Biilly turned, ready for battle, a quick thought summoned his Power Lance. Launching himself at the brass warrior standing in front of him Biilly slammed his foot into Brasso’s chest. Using a quick two-way slash he struck the Brasso on either side of his neck, following up by splitting his Power Lance in half and blasting Brasso with the chest.

Brasso shrugged off the effects of the Blue Ranger’s weapon, throwing the annoying Ranger to the ground. A brown and shield appeared in Brasso’s hands. He moved in on the fallen Ranger, planning the best way to cut the Blue Ranger and present him to Minion.

A ball of flame hit Brasso again, forcing him backwards until a soldier could grab Biilly and haul him to safety. “Suppose I better go and report back,” Brasso muttered.

“We need the Sky Zord power, Now!” the five Rangers called inside their cockpit.

Six planes launched from Power Mountain, heading towards their operators. Biilly had constructed Gem Coin that Trey could use when he joined Kat. Trey was not sure how the replica had managed to get hold of a Power Coin, but with Biilly acting so weird he probably did not want to know.

“Take them in one at a time,” Zeo Falcon instructed, leading the way in his white fighter. As he approached his target, he unleashed a selection of cluster bombs, forcing the Gargoyle into the air.

“My turn,” Zeo Ape called excitedly. As he neared the target, he activated his after burners creating a sonic boom, which threw Grey Gargoyle back to the ground.

“Null Beam, activate!” Zeo Bear called.

A beam of yellow light shot from the nose of Aisha’s jet. Grey Gargoyle found himself enclosed imprisoned by the energy.

“Golden Ram Dive!” Trey called.

The golden jet started to glow as it dove into the monster, severely damaging it. The jet disappeared in the impact, reappearing seconds later in distance.

“Kat, you ready?” Zeo Frog asked.

“Let’s go,” Zeo Crane replied.

“Fire!” they called together.

A ball of fire struck the monster care of Adam’s black plane, followed by an ice shot from Kat’s pink jet. Large cracks started to appear in Grey Gargoyle’s stone skin.

“Bring them together,” Zeo Falcon said, knowing it would take the Megazord to finish the job.

“Gem Coin Megazord I – online!” the others replied as their Zords twisted and joined to form the mighty Sky Megazord.

“Megazord activated,” the computerised voice told them.

“Remind me to talk to Biilly about this computer,” Tommy commented. “If I hear that every time we join together, I will go insane.”

“Wah!” the monster shouted as it broke the ice holding it in place. It flew into the air, digging its claws into the Megazord’s chest.

The Megazord responded with a series of punches and kicks, all the time getting nearer to the Gargoyle. When inside its reach, Zeo Bear pushed the button mark ‘Death Dive’. The Megazord grabbed the Grey Gargoyle around the waist and flew into the sky. At the edge of the Earth’s orbit, it changed direction. Using speed, friction and gravity to guide the Zord to a deserted part of the desert, the Megazord crashed monster first into the ground.

“SFC online and ready,” Trey said.

“Lock on and fire!” the Rangers all called

A tiny, almost insignificant beam of light emerged from the tip of the large cannon. For those watching, it would have been easy to assume the cannon had malfunction. But that was the way the SFC or Stress Fracture Cannon as it was referred to by Biilly worked. The tiny beam searched the monster’s body for the weakest point on his body and then acted as a guide for the massive release of energy stored in the Sky Megazord’s weapon.

Grey Gargoyle laughed when the beam first touched him, followed soon after by a touch of concern as he felt his joints being tested and then finally into a scream of agony, as he was torn limb from limb by the power of the blast. In a ball of flames he exploded.

The Rangers teleported away exhausted.

North Valley,

Minion watched as his Psycho Rangers finished off the last of their opponents. Silver Psycho had wrapped its whip around Black Ninja’s neck. With a quick pull, the Black Ranger’s neck was severed, his head rolling away.

“Stop,” Minion instructed. “You have done well against these Rangers. In half an hour you have destroyed them. Now I need to give you a real test.

As he finished speaking, Brasso appeared at his master’s feet. “Minion, the Rangers have destroyed your monster and UNIT is close to breaching Stone Henge.”

Minion glared angrily at his underling. “Brasso, you are a validium-skinned moron. I will make a deal with you. If you survive my Psychos, I might let you live.” Having finished speaking, Minion threw Brasso to the Psychos.

Brasso was a first generation warrior built by Minion himself from one of the strongest metals ever. He never stood a chance. The Psycho’s used all the powers against him, before leaving him in a heap, still smoking.

“Well-done Brasso,” Minion said. “You get to live.”

“Now,” he said as he hauled the fallen henchman to his feet, “you will send a monster to Earth constantly until I say otherwise. If you run out of monsters, then you will face them yourself.”

“Yes, my lord,” Brasso said kneeling. In a ball of orange and brown light he was gone.

Power Chamber

4 July 1999

Zordon watched the images unfold on the Viewing Screen. His Rangers had been in battle after battle during the day. Their energy was drained and he could tell the stress was getting to them.

His mind drifted to the Eight hopeful Rangers on the quest to find their powers. Zordon hoped they would be back soon. Otherwise, the Earth might have lost all hope.


Dark Spectre, Supreme Monarch of Evil stood alone in the Pyramid. He wondered what it was about Minion that bothered him. The other members of the UAE had failed to return to the meeting as arranged. Instead they had spread out to complete the tasks Minion had assigned them.

A black vortex opened behind him, and a power light struck Dark Spectre. Suddenly he understood the reason why he had to obey Minion, and why he had to surrender to the servant of evil?

Outside the pyramid, the statue started to glow.

Crown Dungeon – Sub-dimension of Stone Henge

Seven powered down super heroes hung from a wall. Their powers had shut down to preserve what little life force they had left. In a few days, the former Beetleborgs, Masked Rider and VR Troopers would die.

The Queen of the Crowns walked into the dungeon, a sinister smile on her face. She checked the crystals and nodded, knowing these would make the strongest Slaver Lords she had ever created.

In her own dimension she was nothing. But Minion had given her the power not only to create Slaver Lords, but also to forge them in creatures to capture more humans for future use.

She used some of her other powers to summon a viewport. Looking into it she could see the Power Rangers, still fighting. Every time they powered down Minion sent a new monster.

“Soon those Rangers will fall because they are too exhausted to fight!”

Her laughter filled the dungeon, filtering out into Stone Henge and from there into the world. Outside of Stone Henge a stranger unknown by UNIT or Minion also started to laugh. Minion was about to win and then he would destroy Minion. At that point the world would have a new ruler.

“Why have a Minion, when you can serve the Master?”

End of Part

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