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The Quest for Power Part 1 – The Trials Begin


“Wow, this place is amazing,” Zack whispered as he took in his surroundings.

“Affirmative,” Billy agreed. “A fully configured architectural configuration within a magical base.”

“He means he can sense the Power,” Trini guessed.

David silently nodded. The power within the walls was easy to sense.

“Are you surprised to find such power here, in a place that was obviously built as a conduit to the Morphin Grid?” Dulcea asked.

“I guess not,” Billy answered as he continued to study the runes carved into the wall.

“You are a wise man Billy, but be careful not to allow your mind to completely dominate your actions. Sometimes the greatest power is found deep with your heart.”

“Now Dulcea, Billy is young and naturally curious. It is only right that he asks questions and tries to learn as much as possible. He is a natural Blue,” Thalian reminded her, a slight teasing tone in his voice.

“Perhaps if we stopped standing around and actually showed them why we came here first, we could get on with this thing,” Saurian growled.

“Yes, you’re right of course,” Ninjor interceded. Only the Rangers heard him add: “for once.” There was a pause, a clearing of throats as the mentors realised they were supposed to be the adults. “We have a surprise for you, Rangers. This temple is extremely receptive when it comes to the power of the Morphin Grid, it allows communication with others bound to the Power.”

“I don’t understand,” Kimberly admitted. “That just went over my head.”

“I believe Kimberly that Ninjor means that in this temple, I may speak with you.”

“Zordon?” Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly responded.

For David, Aisha and Sam the voice was familiar, but for the others who had been there the day Kimberly and Billy had been turned into punks, this was the Zordon they had seen in the Viewing Globe. This was not the head that could only be seen through a Plasma Tube, this was Zordon, the noble
Grid Master.

“Yes Rangers, I am here. In these temples I am able to leave my time warp for brief periods,” he explained.

“It is good to see you again, Zordon,” Dulcea said. “I have missed you.” The moment passed, the emotion lost as she returned to business. “Take a seat guys, we have a great deal to discuss.”

“Allow me,” Thalian offered. He placed a finger to his forehead and eight chairs appeared in front of Zordon.

“Thank you, my friend. You have come here, Rangers, to seek out new powers and then the Great Power to reverse the damage Minion caused. But first you must know what you are seeking, so I ask you Rangers, how much do you know about the Ranger Powers?” Zordon asked.

“Only that the powers take the form of either a set of Power Coins or the Zeo Crystal,” Jason answered. The others nodded although Billy looked as if he wanted to add something.

Zordon sighed; there was obviously a lot he would need to teach his Rangers in the future, especially if they succeeded in this plan.

“In that case, your minds will be open enough to accept what I am about to tell you,” Zordon said. “The Ranger Powers you are used to have been drawn by Power Coins and the Zeo Crystal. However, despite the differences in the powers and the ways they have been used, all Ranger powers come from the same source: an extra-dimensional pool of energy that seeps into this universe through a universal energy field that links all things together. Over the last few years you have come to know this Morphin Grid.

All the powers you have held regardless of whether they originated with the brute force of dinosaurs, the grace and skill ninja, the raw power of the Zeo Crystal, or even the mixture of sources used for the Gem Coins, came from that extra-dimensional pool via the Morphin Grid.”

“So this extra-dimensional magic, what is it exactly?” Trini asked.

“Many refer to it as the Power and on some worlds it is even a religion. On Earth, I believe the word magic would prove adequate even though on your world the majority of the population cannot touch the Power naturally; I have heard it manifests itself as miracles and unexplained phenomenon such as telekinesis and telepathy.”

“Why are we unable to touch the Power?” Jason asked.

“In a way you can,” Zordon explained. “Earth is a unique planet. The planet itself contains great power and magic. It also contains a high percentage of Iron, which counters the effects of magic. As a result magic is overlooked in the day to day lives of humans and is not taught in the ways as it is on other worlds.”

“When I first picked my Rangers I had a number of requirements,” he continued. “Firstly, they had to be willing to accept the rules of the Power. There were others on Earth who would have been able to hold the Power, but might have abused the Power. Secondly, they needed to be able to form and act as a team. When I first ordered Alpha to find you, the computer searched for a group of friends. Finally, I required teenagers who had the potential to touch the power.”

Aisha took the opportunity to ask the question she had been wondering about since the day that she had first become a Ranger. “Zordon, why did you choose teenagers to be Rangers?”

Zordon smiled. He knew the other Rangers had often discussed the issue, but none of them had yet come to the right conclusion. “The first reason is that as I said I needed humans with the potential to touch the Power whose minds were not closed to the possibilities of doing so. In addition it was important that those I selected were old enough to understand the responsibility the role of Ranger entailed. By selecting teenagers I not only fulfilled both of those requirements, but also found a group whose lives would be able to help when needed and not get stuck in other activities.”

“To go back to my original point,” Zordon continued. “The power within the Morphin Grid is often subdivided according to how it is used; the Power of course is ultimately neutral and had never been proven to have its own intelligence. The two dominant divisions are often recognised as the Light Side and the Dark Side. They are both the equal and the opposite of each other although I believe that the Dark Side cannot exist without the light to cast it.”

“So when Tommy was under Rita’s spell he drew energy from the Dark Side?” Jason asked.

“No,” Zordon replied. “Although Rita’s spell made him evil, he was still using the Light Side powers through his Power Coin. If he had been truly evil, the Ranger Powers would have left him. The energies from the different sides of the Grid can only focus through certain materials. The gold used in the forging of Power Coins can only channel the Light Side energies. I have heard that Zedd once found a similar substance that acts only in the presence of Dark Side energy.”

“What’s the third division?” Trini asked, realising Zordon had not mentioned it.

“The third division is perhaps the most complex,” Zordon explained. “At its simplest it is plain magic unaffected by the impurities of emotion or desire. Those who draw from it are either neutral in their allegiances or calling upon powers that cannot be strictly classed as either good or evil.” Zordon explained. “There are many who use the Shadow Side without realising that that is where the power comes from. As far as I know only one race has ever been able to successfully wield the full power of the Shadow Grid to the extent where they could be called Masters.”

As always what went unsaid was as important as the information Zordon gave to his students. The Shadow Side of the Morphin Grid actually overlapped the Light and Dark Sides of the Morphin Grid. There were many shades of shadow and while some of its practitioners could be as evil as Master Vile, others could be as pious as Ninjor.

Zordon noticed that the Rangers were hooked on his every word, but also realised he needed to get to the point if they were to succeed before it was too late. “What I am going to tell you now is a little known secret about the Ranger Powers. You are aware that in the past the Rangers have used the Dino, Thunder and Ninja powers. What you have now come to realise is that these different powers are all variants of the same power, each representing a different aspect of the Power. The Dino powers represented the body and relied on brute force. You will remember no doubt that the first time you used those powers you felt as though you could move mountains. The Thunder powers represent the mind. They are the mystical powers that rely as much on out thinking the enemy as they do on overpowering him. The Ninja Ranger powers use skill and speed as opposed to brute force. The Ninja powers set traps and confuse the enemy to win. And Zeo? Zeo represents a more technological side of the Power as opposed to the mystical.

Dino, Thunder and Ninja are aspects and as you know, each aspect is often further divided into colours.” The time had come for revelation number two. “There are an infinite number of colours available and each means something dependent upon the philosophy of the Power and the world on which the powers are used; Neon Green is often a sign that the race has difficulty with understanding colours. In the case of the Dino, Thunder and Ninja powers drawn through Power Coins, there are nine colours.

Each colour of the Grid is often associated with a spirit animal. Although there are unlimited spirit animals and colour is not a limiting factor, it is not unusual to find that most colours fit one of three spirit animals.

Jason and Rocky were suited to the Red colour. Although many assume that red is the colour of the leader, it is mainly the colour that represents a team player. The Red spirits are the Tyrannosaurus, Dragon and Ape. Jason is the Tyrannosaurus, a powerful leader who is able to work with his team. He also tends to tackle his opponents head on Rocky however is a Dragon. As such he was the center, around which the team is formed. Rocky preferred to think things out before attacking.”

“Billy was drawn to the Blue colour. Blue represents a creative and powerful mind, not just in terms of knowledge, but also in terms of mental powers. Blue spirits also have a desire to belong although sometimes have difficulty relating to others. The Triceratops, Unicorn and Wolf represent the Blue Powers. Billy is the Wolf aspect of the Blue Power. He prefers to study his enemies and determine their weaknesses before charging in.”

“Trini was suited to the Yellow Power. She could have managed either the Sabre-toothed Tiger, Griffin or Bear. As the Yellow Ranger she was the peacemaker, looking out for the weaker members of the team. However like Billy, she prefers to study her problems first and would have been at her best if linked to the Bear.”

“What about me?” Aisha asked.

“I will get to you in a moment,” Zordon promised, before continuing with his lecture. “Zack and Adam are both natural users of the Black Powers. Both possess a joyful spirit and seek to lighten their team’s mood in battle. For Zack this is due to his own personality, but Adam does so because of his shy nature. The Mastodon, Lion and Frog represent the Black Power. Zack is the Lion, a playful and slightly wild spirit, whilst Adam is the more reserved Frog.”

“Kimberly and Kat were Pink Spirits, the colour of a nursing spirit that is protective of all those around and pure of mind and body. The Pterodactyl, Firebird and Crane all represent the Pink Power. Whilst Kimberly is more likely to think and then act, Kat will study her opponents in the same was as Billy and Trini. That is why Kim excelled as the Firebird and Kat was able to slip into her role as the Crane.”

“The White Ranger represents the healer,” Zordon explained. “Although Tommy has held the White Power, he did so only to access the powers of a Ranger. The White Rangers normally possess a pure spirit and are immune to spells. In addition they can heal their fellow Rangers and possess certain extra mental abilities. The White Powers are represented by the winged flying dinosaur known as the Winged Raptor or Drago, Tiger and Falcon.”

“Sam and Tommy are both Green Spirits. The Green Power is at the opposite end of the Light Side,” Zordon explained “Those with a Green Spirit constantly feel the pull of both sides of the Morphin Grid. That is why both Tommy and Sam were able to be place under Rita’s spell. The Dragon, Minotaur and Panther represent the Green Power. Sam is Dragon, whereas Tommy is closer to the Light and is therefore the Panther.”

“Finally, there is the Purple Spirit. Purple is the colour of unity. Those with the Purple Powers are able to combine the various attributes of the other Rangers. Aisha is a Purple Spirit. She is pure of heart; capable of acting on her own when she needs to; and has a protective attitude towards her fellow Rangers. The Stegosaurus, Spider and Hawk represent purple.”

Zordon looked at his young students. He knew his lecture had raised many questions in their minds and he intended to answer them.

“I know you have some questions, so allow me to explain. Firstly, the ninth colour is undefined, often posing as one of the other colours. It is hidden deep within the Morphin Grid and will only be revealed when eight Rangers reach their full potential and need the power of a ninth. It is the power of the Trickster, mimicking the other Spirits and hiding amongst them. I know you will wonder why if there were nine colours there were only ever six Rangers at a time. As I have already mentioned, one of the colours is unknown, but the others are simply related to not having the coins. The original Purple Coin was lost, the White Coin was mine to create and I did so only to allow Tommy to become a Ranger again. With the Green Coin in the hands of Rita and then sabotaged, I never got to create a Green Ranger.”

Jason had listened to everything Zordon had said. He had allowed the others to ask questions when he felt they were necessary and now understood the inside workings of the Ranger Powers. What he needed to know was why Zordon felt the need to tell them all this. “Zordon, why are we here?”

“Jason, Kimberly, Aisha, Trini, David, Sam, Zack and Billy, you are here because I believe that the eight of you will prove successful in the task I am about to set. Seven of you have proven yourselves exceptional Rangers and David has shown signs that he too would be a successful avatar of the Power. I have revealed to you the truth about the Morphin Grid and explained to you the aspects. Now I ask that you accept that although these aspects are individually powerful, it is only when unified that they will allow the true power of a Ranger to be unlocked.

Very few have ever held all three aspects of the Power. Most have been given their correct spirit early on and have never changed. On Earth though Billy, Kimberly and Aisha have used all three levels to some extent. Zack, Trini and Jason have touched two aspects even if one was only in passing. There is therefore a high chance that this group could integrate all three aspects to unlock the true Ranger powers.”

“How do we get them?” Jason asked.

“First, you must realise that you will be a team. The Power Rangers have always been a team and this is perhaps your greatest strength,” Zordon explained. “And secondly, you will be divided, trained and tested to find and recognise the different aspects of the Power within you. Then you will be taught to direct and use your new powers before being tested to prove yourselves worthy of your new Power Coins. I would never force you to do anything that you feel uncomfortable doing. But, if you are prepared to accept the powers, please step forward.”

“Excellent,” Thalian declared as the Rangers took a step forward. “Take the rest of the day to really get to know yourselves and each other. We will resume early tomorrow. Oh and Ranger, be sure to rest.”

Saurian’s Temple, Juruyella

Eight hopeful humans stood awaiting their first test. Saurian had warned them that the training they would receive was intended to make up for the gaps in their training and then to stretch them to the peak of their abilities. It would be at that time that they would be able to tell whether or not the Rangers had what was needed to succeed. Their days would be long and tedious, but during time they would learn whether they were deserving of the powers they sought.

“We shall begin the training soon, but first you must be divided,” Saurian told them. “Some of you are connected to one aspect of the Morphin Grid already and your training will take place with those aspects in mind.”

Thalian stepped forward to look at the hopeful Rangers in front of him. “Zachary Taylor and Kimberly Hart, you two will accompany me to Dairon.” He held out his hand to both of the former Rangers. Kimberly and Zack took his hand and vanished.

“Trini Kwan and William Cranston, you are both to accompany me to the Desert of Despair,” Ninjor said. Billy and Trini stepped forward and vanished.

“Sam Revilo and Jason Lee-Scott, you will remain here with me,” Saurian said. Above him a door opened in the temple and the two boys followed him in.

“And that just leaves us,” Dulcea said to David and Aisha. “Since both of you have only recently discovered your true colours I will teach you together?” She smiled at them and held out her hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” David asked.

“To Phaedos,” Dulcea replied. “Relax David, no harm will come to you so long as you are under my care.”

In a flash they all disappeared.

End of Part

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